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Default Re: Saturn Prepares for Life Beyond General Motors

Everyone seems to be ignoring a couple of market realities. When Saturn started, the Japanese brands did not have the broad acceptance in the US as they enjoy now. They were a fast growing share of the pie but certainly not the powerhouse they are today. The market in those days was also what?..20 million? Today we have GM estimating N.A. vehicle market at 9-10 million combined with Japanese acceptance and market penetration at 100%. Trying to be profitable in this new reality is a challenge for any small niche brand like Saturn....the potential volume just isn't there. All Toyota, Honda, Ford & GM need to do in future years is squeeze their margins a bit and poof....bye bye tiny Saturn. No different than Walmart & Best Buy vs the little camera store on the corner. Saturn's only hope is to get the backing of a brand with very, very, very deep pockets.

As far as the "Volt" is concerned......its a "Halo" car for GM, nothing more. I'm so tired of hearing about the Volt as if its going to rule the market. GM keeps pushing it because they got no other news to highlight.

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