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Default Re: Saturn Prepares for Life Beyond General Motors

Originally Posted by Tiger View Post
I think something like this company would fill the bill better:
Interesting. As I mentioned in a Posted Thread a few weeks back...the Volt is going to be a PR Nightmare for Chevy/GM. And if anyone thinks that 10K cars are going to "SAVE" a the math...$35K X 10,000= $350,000

How is $350,000 in sales of 1 CAR going to "SAVE" a company that is burning through $6 BILLION PER MONTH!!!!

While this Chinese Car looks like a great idea and beat Chevy and Toyota to the punch...the whole idea of "Hybrid" cars really does defeat the purpose of "Going Green". Becuase you are still polluting the atmosphere by using an onboard ICE to recharge the onboard batteries. The ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) is still putting Carbon Emissions into the atomosphere when it is operating on a Hybrid, whereas a FULL ELECTRIC vehicle with ONLY onboard Batteries has NO EMISSION.

Trust me...not that I am an expert; but I have been doing research for the past month and a half on electric car conversions.


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