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Default Re: Jill Lajdziak: We are Still Saturn

Originally Posted by titan12 View Post

I am going to sit back and see what Jill and the others come up with before I shoot them down..
She didn't specifically say but I think they have a retreat planned for all high level staff at the Mexican Riviera. They will of course be flying in on private jets but once they are there rumor has it that most of their ground transportation will be by Chevrolet badged Astra's so they can really get a feel for how anything can be re-badged to anything else. ;>)

Speaking of that panacea called re-badging I do need to get outside as soon as it warms up a little more and get that set of Porsche badges on to my son's 1996 Civic so that it better reflects the way he drives it. ;>)


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