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Default Re: Jill Lajdziak: We are Still Saturn

What is really Saturn? What makes the brand so strong? Customer focus and service! Why not leverage this strength and creating a new platform from which not only to make Saturn survive, but to grow the company into something really great and lasting!

My idea is to create a new Saturn service super center! We no longer will focus on selling cars, but will focus on offering automotive service to anyone and everyone! What will make us unique in this service is that we offer a new concept and design!

With each Saturn store offering a full eight pump gas station in front of store, plus a state of the art convenience store(taking over the space where the showroom is located). Our anchor will be our service department and new customer initiatives to create a truly one-of –a-kind experience that will keep bringing the customer back! The gas pumps will be manned by full-time service attendants that will pump gas and clean customers windshield. You will have three main profit centers in this concept…the gas pumps, the convenience store and the service department. There can also be a tie-in fast food shop for an option as another profit center.

Why does this concept makes sense? It takes the strength of the Saturn brand and grows into a concept that has promise for fast growth. It builds on our already strong customer loyalty and develops new profit centers. We are not beholding to GM or any other manufacturing company to develop our product…our product is our service! It’s a concept that would be grown into something really big with more than 700 stores in just a couple of years.


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