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Default Re: GM Sends Letter to Retailers Regarding 'Megastore' Article

Originally Posted by John10 View Post
Well I guess they had to do some serious damage control to prevent rioting in the streets.

That said I still think they ought to consider more cooperative activities among GM brands such as allowing Saturn warranty service work to be done in other GM facilities when there isn't a Saturn store nearby..
And I think that was, in theory, part of the goal of the first story. John, I totally agree with you that Saturn's service needs to be absorbed into the GM network. The widespread closures of Saturn dealerships in several market regions have left many customers in untenable warranty service situations, and GM should go all the way, RIGHT AWAY, in relieving that circumstance - with your suggestion.

Going further, the other problem with their disappearing dealers - the lack of retail presence in those markets - still exists. The letter dispells the hysteria-provoked interpretation that all the GM brands would suddenly be merging into giant mega-stores. But it doesn't even remotely say that GM would continue prohibiting one unit to take on another under its roof, as was prohibited in the U.S. with Saturn retailers.

I think that was the point of the initial story: that GM is loosening such restrictions.... which is absolutely the right move for them. If an entire region goes vacant of Saturn dealers, as it is in a major portion of the Los Angeles area, and no one is going to invest in constructing a stand-alone Saturn dealership that's already proven to fail because it IS a stand-alone... what is the solution? Do we shrug our shoulders and just resolve that Saturn's dead in the area? Or do we make it more financially sensible and profitable to open another retailer by allowing it to be done under the same roof as an existing GM division?

That is the only way we will ever see areas like mine recover from a previous string of Saturn dealer closures. It's also the only answer to prevent future closures from occurring, by allowing an exisiting Saturn dealer some opportunity to take on another GM make if there's a geographic need. Unless we'd rather have no Saturn at all (and I fear some are such ''true believers,'' that they actually would rather see it die), this is the right direction for GM to move in.

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