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Ramjet1997 05-22-2006 09:35 AM

Installing a rear quarter window 1985 SL2
My daughter is coming home from college this weekend and I need to replace a rear quarter window in her Saturn which was broken out by drunken demons on her college campus. I have the replacement window, with the rubber trim ready to go. Is it hard to do? Any suggestions on tools, adhesive to use, where to start, etc. Many thanks for your help!

I just realize I said a 1985 - it's really a 1994! Sorry........

Low Saturn 05-22-2006 12:27 PM

Re: Installing a rear quarter window 1985 SL2
No ashesive is necessary. It just bolts right in. You are talking about a SL2 right? A sedan?

Roll down the window all the way. Pull back the weather stripping at the top of the door and remove the small torx screw. There is another torx bolt at the base of the vertical section of the quarter window that attaches it to the door frame. Remove the bolt then tilt the top of the glass toward the front of the car then up and out.

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