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David 93 SL2m 11-06-2003 08:09 PM

1985 Volkswagen Golf for sale
One of my friends recently became unemployed. Is anybody interested in their car? Here are the details; an image is included below.[list][*]1985 Blue Volkswagen Golf[*]Only 9.5 miles[*]Only first gear and reverse used[*]Never driven hard[*]Original tires[*]Original brakes[*]Original fuel and oil[*]Only 1 driver[/list]

SLeepr 11-06-2003 08:27 PM

I was considering it but then I noticed the heavy sidewall wear in the picture. I think it's been raced.

Is it a turbo diesel? What kind of mileage is he getting?

Dach 11-06-2003 10:00 PM

LOL! What a classic in the making.

SliverXZennon 11-07-2003 12:50 AM

That is damn funny.


GmG 11-07-2003 02:52 AM

WOW, that's one worthy of an ebay auction ;)

geartooth94 11-08-2003 09:00 PM

yeah some bozo would pay $75 grand for it!!!

ChrisION 11-23-2003 02:02 AM

$900. Take it or leave it. The older VW's can take a beating... :)

LOL, j/k of course :D :p

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