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berad4guvna 10-30-2017 09:24 PM

Saturn XE 2007 dies after it heats up?
Hello fellow Saturn owners, and enthusiast. This my first official post so hello as well.

I have Saturn with 150K miles.

Just did a tune, replaced battery, and neutral safety switch. My car was in limp mode after tune up so I replaced Neutral safety switch.

I have two problems 1st the Saturn shuts off after driving it solid for about 40 min. this is very scary as the care goes dead, while driving. This is my wife's daily driver, and am a little frustrated as I don't know what to do hear. LOL People keep suggesting I get ride of the car, but honestly its been a great car. I would like to keep it, but this issue is quite perplexing, and dangerous.

The 2nd problem is I cant rev. passed 4000 RPMs, unless I unplug Mas air flow sensor. Only problem the car codes after a few min., and re-enters limp mode

Im thinking it could be electrical/fuse related. It starts and runs great cold except me not being able to exceed 4k rpms.

Ive read through some post hear, and hope maybe I could get some guidance from the community, before I get rolled at the dealer.

Options im looking at

transmission issue





fdryer 11-10-2017 08:40 AM

Re: Saturn XE 2007 dies after it heats up?
Which engine and is this a hybrid electric/gas car? Often when someone posts of not being able to rev pay 4k rpm it's due to attempting to rev the engine while parked - GM decided long ago to prevent anyone from revving engines and destroying them by programming a rev limiter to around 4k-5k - enough to allow revving but never to redline or above. Once in drive with a load, the rev limiter is automatically removed and the engine can rev to another limit - redline on the tach or speed rating of original tires, whichever comes first. If your original tires are rated for a maximum speed of 125 mph this exceeds redlining the tach, redline restricts engine rpm. If redline is reached before tire speed rating, redline limits engine rpm to prevent destroying the engine. GM cars are not NASCAR.

What's car history? Maintenance done, parts replaced? At 150k miles, certain parts are recommended every 100k miles; air, oil and fuel filters, spark plugs, antifreeze, etc. Many use the term 'limp mode' incorrectly when the engine runs poorly. Vehicles with drive by wire systems (electric throttle, electronic pedal tied to ECM) are the only vehicles with an indicator displaying either an engine symbol with a large arrow pointing down or the words 'REDUCED POWER'. If your car doesn't display these indicators, the engine isn't on reduced power mode but does have a problem if yours does display reduced power, the problem lies among the three components and there should be a check engine light on to indicate an error code is stored in memory for retrieval with a reader. AutoZone is one place to retrieve error codes for free. Write down any error codes for posting here or look them up yourself with Google.

Some basic things in addition to things suggested to check are a spark and fuel test. One or the other may be intermittent and caused the random engine die off. If the engine runs, is it drivable or not? Revving in place does little to show whether or not the car can be driven.

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