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Yapester 09-15-2017 03:47 PM

07 Aura ABS/Traction control lights
ABS issues. I just replaced the main wheel bearing and now the ABS Traction control lights come on at about more than 10 MPH. Does the computer need to be reset or did I just get a bad part?

fdryer 09-15-2017 04:39 PM

Re: 07 Aura ABS/Traction control lights
Error codes, abs light, traction control,, etc., won't reset if an actual problem exists. If a problem turns on an indicator, you have several options - fix the problem and allow the automated self diagnostics detect a correct repair to reset the indicator and error code, manually reset the computer using either a reader with push button reset or battery negative cable disconnect without fixing anything and see if the error or indicator comes back, ignore the indicator or have GM determine the fault. Under normal circumstances, the abs and tc lights turn on at ignition on time to indicate self tests are performed during power up routines, indicator turns off and then the zinging sound as the car accelerates above 5mph as the abs electronics exercises the abs motor to complete self tests. This occurs every time we startup and drive (vehicles with abs). If the abs/tc light turns on and stays on, abs is indicating a fault and automatically disables itself from interfering with basic braking. ABS light ON = fault detected and abs/tc is no longer operational until repairs are made.

The exterior parts that are exposed to wear and tear, wheel speed sensors, reluctors and wiring to each wheel speed sensor are the most likely areas to suffer issues. Its rare for the abs module and electronics to fail.

Re-examine the wheel bearing repairs, paying attention to the wheel speed sensor, its mounting and distance (gap) from the reluctor (steel toothed ring), reluctor damage, and wiring to the sensor. Autozone may have their newish reader decode abs error codes.

Yapester 09-15-2017 09:33 PM

Re: 07 Aura ABS/Traction control lights
Yeah I did the repair myself and think maybe the part was defective. I guess the wiring which hasn't been moved in years was moved around and might have caused a short or finished a break somewhere. I will take it to Autozone where I purchased the Wheel Bearing and see if they have a code reader. The one I have does not read anything about ABS even when the light is on.

fdryer 09-17-2017 08:05 PM

Re: 07 Aura ABS/Traction control lights
I too have a reader but it's several years old and cannot read abs codes as most first, second and maybe third generation readers didn't have abs decoding capability. GM always had the capability since their scantools cover the entire family of vehicles and must decide every code from each module (ECM, BCM, PCM, abs, TCM, OnStar, radio, etc.. As consumer demands rise, higher priced readers can decode abs errors. Some members mentioned AutoZone upgraded their readers to read abs errors last year.......

imaddicted2u 03-02-2018 03:56 PM

Re: 07 Aura ABS/Traction control lights
I was give one of these:
It does generic code reading and it currently comes with 2 car lines you can download.
The version I was given had no car software with it so I had to buy and download it. I installed GM and it gives access to all GM made vehicles and it updates often. It accesses every module in the car, reads and clears codes as well as displaying and graphing live data. I was having the ABS, Service traction and electronic stability control intermittently. I was able to read the ABS module codes and narrowed it down to the Left Front wheel speed sensor being erratic. I graphed all 4 wheel speed sensors and could see the problem when it appeared. After a couple of erratic signals and the ABS light, traction and stability would come on steady. It often reset itself the next time the car was started. The bearing feels good and the wiring is intact. As the weather is warming up the problem seems to be going away. Another code I get randomly is for the steering wheel position. When that happens it turns the ECS Off but ABS and traction control stays on.
Anyway long story short, this bluetooth dongle is a great option for a full function code reader that you can put on a phone or tablet. You can also save and share reports.

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