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DarthFaderZ 09-06-2017 05:35 PM

So after researching the forums and confirming with local parts people - I changed my Intake solenoid for the VVT - but this code came up again after replacing the part..was good for like 2 days.

Oils a tad low but still registering on the dip, shiftings no harder than normal, no new noises...nothing. Just a code that doesnt let me use my remote start.

Is it possible its timing related or theres some other culprit ive yet to determine from forum scouring?

explorerbigjon 09-06-2017 07:55 PM

Re: P0010
0010 is an electrical circuit malfunction DTC. Check the condition of the terminals on the plug and then check the condition of the wire harness that runs the VVT. It is also possible you replaced the wrong actuator. There should also be an exhaust actuator.

DarthFaderZ 09-08-2017 04:05 PM

Re: P0010
the harness and connector appear fine.

theres an exhaust one right next to it but the code is pretty explicit about it being the intake circuit and they are labeled pretty well on the valve cover as to which is which.

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