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littlep2000 08-12-2017 03:55 PM

Power Steering Control Module?
I posted about a month ago about my Astra issues and ended up going to the dealer. It was a gamble with the price of the repairs, but one I was willing to take for a car with 115K on it. They replaced the under hood fuse box and ABS Control Module which sound like they went reasonably well. However the power steering control module is still causing problems. I'm willing to fix it but the big issue is they can't find one through their usual GM sources.

My questions are; has anyone replaced this, is it a part I could pull from a parts Astra? Is it something more likely sourced in Canada/Europe (I'm on the US west coast)? Finally does anyone happen to have one?

The major issues they seem to be running into but thankfully overcoming are reprogramming many of computer systems. The fear of the lead mechanic was that a used part might not want to be reprogrammed after it was in another car.

Thanks all.

JFS 08-13-2017 02:23 PM

Re: Power Steering Control Module?
I have had a lot of good luck with [url][/url].

Twice in a month I had someone back into my car with their trucks and destroyed my passenger side mirror. I am lucky that is all. Twice at two different Costcos on either side of town.

I'm guessing there must be an another dimensional temporal target on my passenger mirror and the pod people are hitting it for nefarious purposes only known in several thousand parallel universes other than our own.

Anyway, this parts site has dozens of auto dismantlers to search and choose from. Twice in 4-5 weeks I sourced mirrors, once in Wisconsin, once in South Carolina. The pictures of the car on my first attempt had snow on it,so it had been sitting for months. I asked for additional pictures, and the employee went out, took them, and texted them to me in less than an hour. Included in the info on these two vehicles my mirrors were chopped from included the mileage. Both times, the vehicles had close to or less than the mileage of my car and the mirrors had fewer scratches and pits than my car. the 1st iteration was $135 with shipping, the 2nd $115. This, compared to $680-$735 for a SF Bay Area body shop to order, match paint, install, etc...

I have also obtained a leather steering wheel ($89), airbox cover ($22), and big old temperature setting knob ($7). I am trying to obtain a CD 40 Opera unit, once I find a yard that understands I need the unit and the screen to pair correctly.

Best luck.

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