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punklanae 06-19-2017 10:37 AM

2007 HEAVY Water leaks and concerns about heating up in traffic
How did you fix your leaking? Went in to visit with family when the bottom fell out of the sky. Got in the car and all seemed fine.... Started driving and we pretty much needed an umbrella in the car. Water was heavily dripping from the 3rd row lights, 3rd row seatbelts, dvd player, and where the drain tubes run from the sunroof to the dashboard... the water was dripping out at the airbag entry points. I have a sunroof and a moon roof. We've already cleaned the drain lines and made sure nothing was stopped up where it goes from the dash to the fenders.

2nd thing I learned on its maiden voyage: When in heavy semi stopped crawling type of traffic, I see her temp rising if I'm in drive but stopped. This was about 4 ish hours into my drive. Coolant level is fine. Temp went back down once we gained speed again. Went through a drive through, stopped to order, same thing happened, went to a parking space, put it in park, and the temp was back to normal.

I should mention, I'm in the midst of a trip and I just got this car so I have nothing to look back on for prior performance. If I could sell it right now with the water leaks, I probably would. Love the car but scared to death the water is going to get into the electronics and cause me to have an accident with the kids in the car.

Things I've already learned: passenger airbag module needs to be replaced, tire sensor is going out in one tire, shakes like crazy past 40mph, pretty much has no roof in the rain, and scared that if I get stuck in traffic its gonna overheat on me.... And I've got another 3,000miles to travel... :hmpf:

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