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hat_man 06-11-2017 02:07 PM

Hello from NW Illinois
Hello everyone.

We have a 2009 Saturn Aura. It's my wife's car and she likes it. I personally have never been happy with it except for the first year. It has many fit and finish problems, but I can understand. The folks on the line making these and 2010's (are there really any 2010's) couldn't have had their hearts into it knowing their jobs were soon ending.

We had 4 boys and had driven vans and mini-vans for many years. After the oldest two moved out and the next oldest had his own car we decided it was time to move back to a sedan. The exact car we have is the first one she drove. She said "This is the one I want." I ask if she wanted to drive some more for comparison but she insisted. It was going to be her car anyhow (I have my truck) and it drove well enough so we bought it. Now she isn't near as happy as she was and it has almost zero trade in value especially with the problems it currently has. We are hoping we can get them addressed. If it can be brought back near to it's previous condition I'm sure she'll be happier. We tend to keep our vehicles until they have well over 200k miles anyhow. My truck has 275k and counting.

Well that's the story and my hello for all of you. I just want my wife to be happy with her car again.

MikeNW 07-07-2017 10:29 AM

Re: Hello from NW Illinois
Welcome, if anyone can help you, it would be this site! I have a 97 SL that is still putting along, much thanks to this forum! :)

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