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Chevrollac 06-11-2017 12:39 AM

Greetings from Tampa, Florida!
Hello all, I'm Phil. I recently bought my wife a 2000 LS200 with nearly 200,000 miles (it just passed that mark last week) and could not be much happier with it. Even once she's moved on to the car she wants I'm considering keeping it for myself as a comfortable commuter (a lowered stick shift Civic is no fun in Florida rush hour traffic with a 20 mile drive one way). The 2.2 runs excellent, transmission works flawlessly, and overall, the car is in excellent condition, although the cosmetics could use some attention. I look forward to loitering in here and learning from other members as well as sharing my own experiences with this car.

MikeNW 07-07-2017 10:36 AM

Re: Greetings from Tampa, Florida!
Welcome! We sold wife's 2002 L200 last fall, 225,000 miles on it, 2.2 engine still ran strong! She bought it new and had NEVER had the auto tranny fluid changed! Everything worked on it- the only unscheduled repair was a fuel pump about 2006. Original timing chain, water pump, starter, alternator, struts, only one change of spark plugs, A/C still blew cold, it was a tank. 33 mpg too.
Maybe I can send some good karma your way :)

As soon as my Suzuki tires won't melt onto the pavement any longer, I will take a trip across the SS bridge in TB.

You might check the Rear outer suspension bushings. When they wear, it makes the tires tilt out and wear out tires. Also the front stab links wore and made noises. Valve cover gasket leaked but that was an easy fix. Headliner fell down and I redid that.

Oh yeah, we got $1300 for it, on Craigslist.

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