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LED Bulbs at!
Car restorers know answers to the question,[b]"How long does it take to replace an instrument panel light bulb?"[/b] range from [i]"five minutes"[/i] to [i]"I started taking apart the instrument panel two months ago, and I still haven't found that %!@# bulb!"[/i] Hard to reach bulbs and any other bulbs that you only want to change once, can now be replaced with new LED bulbs. Here are just a few benefits of using an LED bulb for your automotive lighting needs:
[LIST][*]LED bulbs do not have a filament wire like incandescent bulbs, making them better equipped to withstand vibration[*]LED bulbs last longer, use less power and give off less heat compared to incandescent bulbs[*]LED bulbs typically give off more light and even come in multiple color choices[*]LED bulbs have fewer part numbers, making them more universal[/LIST]
While LED bulbs do cost a lot more than incandescent bulbs, this is less scary when you consider that many incandescent bulbs start at less than $0.25 at It could be worth $10 or even $20 to avoid disassembling an instrument panel a second time.

Find all types of bulbs, with choice of brands, at [url=][/url] under the "Electrical-Bulb & Socket" category for your vehicle.

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