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premlor 11-13-2016 10:47 PM

08 Outlook XR bad hesitation
So my problem has been steadily getting worse. It started off as a little hiccup when the engine was under a load and the rpm's would get low. Around when it should be ready to shift. If I put my foot down and make it shift the hesitation stops for the moment. I took it to the dealer and the said to service the transmission. They didn't think it was stiffing property. They also said they heard some pinging and recommended getting the fuel system cleaned. So I went and picked up some Lucas. I put the tranny treatment in the tranny. I put the complete fuel system cleaner in the gas. The first time I put the fuel system treatment I believe there was a noticeable improvement. Though with the next tank it was back to its old ways. So the problem has gotten steadily worse. I'm like 10 tanks of fuel later, with 3 of them being treated with the Lucas complete fuel system cleaner. So today when I was in my driveway with the engine idling it started to seem like it was hesitating/bogging down and the rpm's were flittering up and down. More down than up. That would tell me it isn't the transmission since it was just idling in park. At one point I let the roughness continue, without putting my foot down and making it downshift, and the check engine light came on. Something about the ignition system. But the code went away before the dealer could read it and it wasn't in the history. 😕

Any ideas? Fuel/ignition system?

billysvue 11-13-2016 10:54 PM

Re: 08 Outlook XR bad hesitation
Odo reading is?
How old are the plugs?
What do the look like? What's the gap?
LAst time the trans had new fluid? DON"T EVER FLUSH! drain and fill...

Do you run cheapest gas or name brand/top tier( not ARCO)?

premlor 11-16-2016 12:20 PM

Re: 08 Outlook XR bad hesitation
Around 170k on the odo
When the hesitation began I replaced the plugs, it didn't help.
The ones I took out looked ok. Not blackened at all. The gaps looked good on them. The ones I put in were iridium and pre gapped. Though I checked them to be sure.
Trans fluid hasn't been changed since I bought it. That was around 50k miles ago. Can you change the trans filter?
We live in eastern PA and we usually filled it up at Giant (a grocery store with a fuel island). The past month plus I've been fueling at exxon.

fdryer 11-16-2016 11:15 PM

Re: 08 Outlook XR bad hesitation
Was throttle ever cleaned? Electric throttles in drive by wire systems are a little different from all other throttle bodies and some precautions are needed for cleaning them. A strong internal return spring ensures when power is interrupted during a crash or normal engine shutdown, throttle is closed. This is a safety backup to the electric servo motor driving the throttle plate. Ignition must be OFF and the throttle plate forced open to clean off buildup. Propping open throttle with a piece of wood or something that won't scratch helps. It's recommended not spraying throttle cleaner directly into open throttles as silent may enter tiny vent passages and screw up electronics within a pair of position sensors, intake air temperature sensor and servo motor make up throttle actuators. Solvent on a rag and hand scraping hard buildup works as I did this on mine ('03 L300) without issues. The throttle return spring is very strong.

Personally, I doubt cheap gas is causing any issue with many debates for and against no name brands. If you didn't have issues from long term use of no name gas, it's not a fuel issue.

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