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Jdenney 10-01-2015 03:52 PM

2005 satrun L300 series, crank no start (other odd symptoms )
Hey guys im Jenn and im brand new to these forums so please forgive me if i make any mistakes..

THIS CAR, ugg where to start

About 8 weeks ago is when all this began, what i thought was a bad fuel pump, after replacing and the car working for about 7 to 10 days then i go out to start the car one day after i ran all day the car sat for about 4 hours and i was omw to the store, well here we go again STRONG CRANK NO START and I wasn't hearing the FUEL PUMP engaging, so after i argued with the garage they came got the car put another pump in and AGAIN ran fine for 7 days (now let me add here that when the car came back this time i had a few fuses blown , my sound system, my lock and alarm and my sunroof i was able to get all to work again accept the sunroof) OK 4 days after this 2nd new pump we go to eat car runs perfect we come out and again. NO START same EXACT ISSUES..i tow home and later that day it started back up and ran 2 days and back to NO START..

Im absoulty stumped, im a google style car fixer, this is WAY beyond me

Btw i know it's not the pass key lock system, it WILL start as long as spraying a constant streem of starter fluid,

Please give me some ideas here guys

Thanks so much, im so darn lost

fdryer 10-01-2015 04:41 PM

Re: 2005 satrun L300 series, crank no start (other odd symptoms )
1-Fuel pump operation is a crucial component of the EFI system. Listen for the 2-second pump cycle when turning on ignition without starting the engine. Use a fuel pressure gauge to verify pump operation (approximately 40 psi). The ecm runs the pump for two seconds if the engine isn't started but will turn on the pump during starting/running. You can try a small wire jumper across the fuel pump relay terminals 30 and 87 to send power to the pump immediately, regardless of ignition switch position - the pump should run but if not, a fuel problem wasn't addressed completely. With two new pumps, wiring may be suspect, the power wire and pump ground.

2-Injectors require pulsed signals from the ecm as well as pressurized fuel before fuel is sprayed into each cylinder. Under normal circumstances, the ecm runs the entire EFI system but relies on the bcm/Passlock theft deterrent system to allow injector operation. If Passlock security is enabled and active, it disables injector operation with its security indicator the only hint it disabled injectors, preventing the engine from running.

3-Spraying starting fluid to allow the engine to run at least verifies spark. Are you certain spraying fluid always results in the engine running?

Search threads within Saturnfans for crank sensor symptoms.

Google is great for information but not specific with advanced troubleshooting of EFI systems unless you're willing to learn. Forums like Saturnfans, if members share info, can be a wealth of free information to solve almost 99% of everyday problems without visiting a GM service center. My guess is your problems fall within the 99% not requiring GM yet but that's just my personal opinion.

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