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mr96saturnsl1 07-13-2015 11:13 AM

saturn 96 sl1 radiator , transmission cooler line
I just but a radiator from autozone because I had a random leak somewhere.
I was stupid and didn't use a hand wrench to take of my trans cooler lines so I stripped the bolts that twist it into the radiator on both lines.
I bought upper and lower lines from autozone didn't fit, auto parts= same thing , and o Reilly's = alittle further in but didn't fit
. they fit into my radiator but NONE into my transmission slot/holes whatever.
i returned them all to every store.
i was think about trying napa also. i used a pair of vise grips and just put those stripped ones back.
autozone will only give you stuff that will come sorta close to what it will be.
i feel forced to go to a dealership but that's a lot of money $$
some comments please i didn't want to sand down something like that to make them fit

pierrot 07-14-2015 09:07 PM

Re: saturn 96 sl1 radiator , transmission cooler line
I don't know what you consider expensive, but if you can go with an online OE parts supplier then the prices seem quite reasonable to me. You just have to determine which seller gives you the lowest possible shipping rate which also depends on where each party is located.


^^ Out here on the left coast this company gives me the best shipping rates.


^ This company is another favorite especially because of the parts breakdown pictures they provide.


^ Another option. Select [I][B]Cooling System[/B][/I] and scroll down to the last parts diagram. Click on that diagram and the part numbers with prices will appear beside it.

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