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DOMESTIC_Disturbance 05-01-2003 02:58 PM

Advanced Audio System wiring.....
Does anyone have a wiring diagram for the AAS systems in the L300s? And I don't think they have RCA outs on the back of them, is that correct? I am trying to attach one 12" sub to my factory setup. I was thinking of piggy-backing it off of the factory woofer in ther rear deck. Any ideas or advice?

keith92 05-01-2003 03:21 PM

just get an amp with a line out conversion, you hook that right up to your rear speakers, and boom, there ya go

DOMESTIC_Disturbance 05-01-2003 03:29 PM

I think it takes a certain type of LOC to do that because of the amp in the factory system. Your LOC has to be able to convert the amplified signal down properly before pushing in on to the amp for the new sub.

bbriand 05-01-2003 05:10 PM

It hasn't been updated in a while but I always find this FAQ to be well worth the read and as a reference:
[URL=]Car Audio FAQ[/URL]

I would be careful splicing in a sub direct off one of your rear speakers for the following reasons (anyone please feel free to correct me):
1. if you wire it in parallel then you may drop the ohms below what your deck can safely drive - possibly damaging the deck. Conversly if you wire it in series then your sound output volume from those 2 speakers will be noticeablly lowered (I guess you could compensate with fader and balance controls).

2. you'll need at least a low pass filter or else the highs may destroy your sub (highs being frequencies over 150-200 Hz).

My personal preference is to have my sub do the lows, my mids to the mids and my tweets do the highs. I would at least try to get the lows out of my midrange woofers with a high pass crossover.

If you want the schematics I have found my Saturn Dealer at least to be very helpfull for wiring diagrams. They even turned their heads while I photocopied some pages from the technical references. I would try your Saturn dealer first.


Bigbadbert 05-02-2003 12:06 AM

You can go to an audio store and get an input/output you can wire on to your deck for your rcas, and since you have a sub already, there should at least be a small amp. If there is, just splice into that remote wire to use for your new amp. I dont know much about the L300 wiring or anything...I just know what Ive done to mine. It shouldnt be that hard to do. But if by piggy backin, you mean running speaker wires from the factory sub to new one, most likely it will sound like crap, cuz I doubt there will be enough amperage to push both subs sufficiently, most likely causing damage to both.

dmccreary860 05-02-2003 05:37 AM


I put a little self-powered tube sub in the trunk of my L300.

I connected wires to the stock sub in the rear in parallel, and ran them down to the amplifier on my tube sub. My sub had a built-in line-level convertor that takes the powered signal and drops it down for use as an input to be powered by the amp.

That's it. Because I like to go racing and need to take out the weight, I wired my sub with one plug where I can connect/disconnect quickly. Running the power and/or signal wires were the most difficult....

This WILL NOT put an extra load on your stock amp if you do it this way. If you take it somewhere to have it professionally installed, they will do the same if your deck doesn't have pre-amp outputs.

DOMESTIC_Disturbance 05-02-2003 10:34 AM


Thank A LOT!! That is exactly what I plan on doing, only I'm using a single 12" sub instead of a tube. Time to go amp shopping.......

BTW, please drop me a line, I want to know more about some of your mods and pick your brain a little.....

dmccreary860 05-02-2003 12:22 PM

No problem, but I'm leaving for three (or four) weeks tomorrow.

I have company training (wife and I are being flown in the company jet to the exotic locale of Pittsburgh for two weeks), and then I'm gonna take about a week or two of vacation to chill.

I'll take my laptop and my wife's for training, but after that I don't plan on touching them! :cool:

Good luck with your install - I'm sure it will sound good!

playboyroy 05-02-2003 12:32 PM

You will need a better amp for any 12. I think the factory sub size is a 6.5 woofer. I recommend a high-output to RCA converter ($20) and running a new amp for your 12. [url][/url] has alot of stereo stuff for all price range.

RustyJCNC 05-02-2003 04:04 PM

Run the RCA converter from the rear sub. I have my Rockford Amp running through the rear channel sub to the 12".

This allows you to have 2 subs (relatively). That way they both "hit" consistently. Also, this also eliminates running high frequencies to the sub, so it won't blow.

It works nicely for a "rigged" setup. Getting a new deck is the way to go, but this works pretty well as is.


Arnel 05-03-2003 02:42 AM

Hey dmccreary860!

I'm from Pittsburgh!

You're just jealous 'cuz everything is cheaper in PA than CT, we don't pay tax on clothing, and radar detectors are allowed here!


dmccreary860 05-03-2003 03:02 PM

I know! I've never been to Pittsburgh and am looking forward to it. If my company relocated me to Pittsburgh (good chance of that), my wife and I would be pretty happy.

I'm from the Midwest, and am used to the nicer, newer cities, less expensive real estate, lower taxes, etc. CT pisses me off with high air pollution, high taxes, crappy roads, the governor, and the list goes on.

JButler1983 11-05-2004 08:47 AM

Hello, I'm looking to find out which wire is the factory "amp remote wire" for a 2003 L200. I have a sub and amp I am looking to hook-up to my factory 6-disc SAAS head-unit.


eljefino 11-05-2004 02:31 PM

The remote wire is usually blue. Poke it with a voltmeter, should be +12v powered up, off when it's off.

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