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benpatient 03-07-2003 07:33 PM

Wiring configuration in Adv Audio Amp
I've decided to up the power of my sound system, and I have the Adv. Audio already. I'm in an ION3, and it has an amp mounted in the trunk.

the problem is, I can't tell which wires are which, most especially the power, ground, signal, and remote-cutoff. They don't seem to correspond with the "standard" colors that I'm used to with car audio stuff.

Does anyone here have access to the diagrams of the amp?

I have pictures of the thing in my member gallery if you want to get a look.

the black and red wires that are separated from the rest are probably the power and ground wires, but they could also be RCA inputs, which would be nice. I have a feeling that the signal is coming in through one of the higher-guage wires in the big bundle, which is unfortunate, but still acceptable. I basically need to know which wires are

signal left channel
signal right chanel
remote cut-off

then i can just splice my way into the loop and go from there.

i already have my own amps and subs, and it would be cool to be able to limit all the wiring to the truck compartment.

any advice?

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