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LowMileSC1 11-17-2010 10:13 PM

2002 SL2 random no start, urgent.
So My 2002 saturn sl2 has had a random no start problem for a few months now.

Iv already replaced the coolant temp sensor, crank position sensor and the fuel filter. And it happens yet again!!!

Any ideas or other common areas to check?

When it starts it runs great...and if you wait 15-20 minutes it starts.

Im lost. Maybe the oil level sensing system?

fdryer 11-17-2010 11:33 PM

Re: 2002 SL2 random no start, urgent.
As long as the security indicator isn't on during starting there are three major items to consider; battery, battery cables, and starter. If the security light is on or flashing during starting then its a factory security system issue.

If the battery is over 5yrs old have it tested to be sure its not beginning to show signs of failing. Winter is the worst time to discover a worn out battery when you can find out now by a simple auto store battery test.

The battery cables carry welding current needed for the starter to run so any signs of corrosion, visible or hidden, must be carefully examined and either cleaned or replaced.

The last to check and the hardest is the starter so if the battery, cables, and connections are checked correctly then the starter may be worn out. Even with little mileage, if this car is used for many short trip drives around town, the starter is used more than twice for the average daily driver going to work and returning home.

madpogue 11-17-2010 11:38 PM

Re: 2002 SL2 random no start, urgent.
"Elephant in the room" question - when it fails to start, does it crank?

There is no oil level sensing system. Other than the dipstick and an owner who knows how to use it.

LowMileSC1 11-17-2010 11:56 PM

Re: 2002 SL2 random no start, urgent.
Yes it does crank.

funny part, this one is my girlfriends car. a few times she has ran it out of oil. and it would not start. put oil in and it was fine!

this time it deffinately has oil!

LowMileSC1 11-18-2010 11:20 PM

Re: 2002 SL2 random no start, urgent.
really need some help on this one...

madpogue 11-18-2010 11:46 PM

Re: 2002 SL2 random no start, urgent.
Test for spark during the time when it won't start. It's possible the new CPS is failing just as the old one did.

edlee 11-26-2010 12:49 AM

Re: 2002 SL2 random no start, urgent.
You can try priming the fuel pump by turning the key to the point just before ignition and wait for the sound of the fuel pump to stop. If you can then consistently start the car, then you probably have a clogged fuel filter.

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