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saturncanada 10-03-2010 07:33 PM

2005 Saturn L300 No Start
I had just replaced the battery on my car under a week ago after it would not start. Later this week i went to start my car and i had a sold crank but it would not start i tried boosting it but no luck. I got it towed to work (i work as an apprentice at a mazda dealership) and tested my battery, starter and alternator and they all check out ok. I checked my fuses and nothing was blown. Then checked to see if fuel pump was working. I can hear the buzz when you first turn on the ignition indicating the fuel pump is priming the system so i know its working. I read online that it might be the CPS sensor. I was wondering if anybody else has had this issue with their car before and was wondering how they resolved their problem. Thanks.

fdryer 10-03-2010 08:24 PM

Re: 2005 Saturn L300 No Start
Well, you're already there so either remove it for a resistance check or do it on the car. Resistance should be between 700-1200 ohms. An open reading would mean a failed one. One of the wires is just a shield and goes to ground, purple and yellow should be the cps. Yours is next to the oil filter.

You'll find cps failures all over the S-series, L-series, Vues, and future Auras and Outlooks as age catches up to them. Although not a failure prone item, they do fail from the harsh environment being bathed in freezing or hot oil and vibration.

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