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Charlie 08-16-2009 10:42 PM

AutoBlog Drives a Buick/Saturn Vue Plug-In Hybrid Prototype
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[drupal=3262]AutoBlog Drives a Buick/Saturn Vue Plug-In Hybrid Prototype[/drupal]

[quote]Sam Abuelsamid from Autoblog: We had a chance for a quick drive of a development prototype for Buick's upcoming plug-in hybrid crossover this week at the GM proving ground. The prototype was still wearing its Saturn grille and badging as that was the original intent of the program. When Rick Wagoner announced in late 2006 that the company would develop a plug-in hybrid, it was intended to the be the Vue.[/quote]

Kimosen 08-17-2009 02:12 AM

Interesting! All of GMs current 2-mode packs use Nickle Metal Hydride packs... Should be interesting to see if the Lithium batteries can deliver more than 300 volts. If the battery is the same size it definitely has a higher energy density, and thus better capability...

Cool stuff!

VWCarcrazy 08-19-2009 03:53 PM

Re: AutoBlog Drives a Buick/Saturn Vue Plug-In Hybrid Prototype
GM cancelled this platform effective today. They said it was not "upscale enough" for Buick's customers. GM said this shows they can react fast in today's marketplace.

Here is the article: [URL=""][/URL]

"Aug. 19 (Bloomberg) -- General Motors Co. said it canceled plans for a new Buick sport-utility vehicle announced Aug. 6 after potential customers said the model lacked the “premium characteristics” they expect from the brand.

The decision was made Aug. 14, after GM earlier in the week showed the SUV and other future vehicles to consumers, dealers, employees, analysts and news reporters, Vice Chairman Tom Stephens said on a company blog. The plans for the SUV called for a plug-in hybrid version, which also was canceled, he wrote.

The speed of the cancellation shows that the largest U.S. automaker since emerging from bankruptcy in July “is listening and moving quickly,” Stephens wrote. Chief Executive Officer Fritz Henderson has said he wants to transform GM to be more responsive to customers and make speedier decisions."

To me, this shows a knee-jerk approach to doing business. Which potential customers did GM sample this to? The over 60-70 year old sect that currently buy Buicks, and who are dying off as a customer base? Or the 30-50 year olds (current Pontiac and Saturn owners) who might consider a Buick in their future. My guess is that GM could not pattern a sample audience for the future if their business depended on it. It may not be your father's Oldsmobile, but it apparently IS your grandfather's Buick...

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