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Charlie 07-06-2009 09:45 PM

Sky Red Line is Fun, Pretty
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[drupal=3182]Sky Red Line is Fun, Pretty[/drupal]

[quote]David Schmidt from the Journal Register News Service: This car is about having fun on a sunny day. That means you put the top down, back it down the driveway and as long as quick rain showers don[/quote]

02OrangeSC2 07-07-2009 09:13 AM

Re: Sky Red Line is Fun, Pretty
I find it interesting just how many positive reviews Im seeing of the SKY all of a sudden since it is now dead (Wilmington DE. assembly closes this month). My local paper had a side by side review of it and the Solstice just this past Sunday. But I guess it shouldnt surprise me, since the media has always give current GM products lack luster reviews when they're introduced, and then gone on about how good the good ones are once they can no longer persuade their readers to buy one. It's ashame, because the SKY is the best convertable around. I love my 07 Redline. I say to all of you who don't have one, and have been thinking about getting one, GET ONE NOW. They're almost gone for good.

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