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Slidder 02-10-2000 08:08 PM

Aftermarket Audio Wiring
I have about a zillion cables to run (speaker, RCA, power/ground, etc.) from my head unit to the trunk. Too many to fit in the molding/trim panels. Any suggestions for running cables under the carpeting? Thanks in advance!

Saldana SC2 2K 02-10-2000 10:19 PM

I took the left panel off and ran them under the carpet then under the back seat, just pickup the seat cushion a little and run the wires under it.

JasonD 02-20-2000 05:08 PM

Power and RCA Cables
This message might be a littel late, but you should not have a problem running all the wiring since you should run the RCA and power cables on opposite sides of the car. Running them together can cause noise in the system. Also the Ground wire does not need to be ran back to the battery, you can just ground it on a part of the cars frame, Like behind the seets in the trunk. Hope you get this.

Masonhero 02-20-2000 05:57 PM

i ran my ground wire from the amp, up the c-pillar to the back dash...lift the dashpad and you will find a common ground...that is the best place in the back of the car to run to. if you ground to the striker plate retainer bolts, every time you hit the brakes, there will be feedback into the system, not to mention lost power. also, the center console is very easy to get out, and you can run wires under it, and fish them under the carpet. the back seat comes out easily, and you can complete the wiring.(to get the back seat out, grab it at the front, push down, and then pull out and up. do this on both sides, preferably simultaneously) dont forget to pull the seatbelts back through when you reinstall the seat. *note*-if the car is a newer one, do not run the wires over the sdm coil (small silver box) run them to the sides...

Slidder 02-20-2000 06:14 PM

Thanks for the info... I ran my ground down through a left side trunk cable boot and then connected it to the frame with star washers. I then sealed the boot with black silicone to ensure that it's waterproof. If I can find a female T-50 (torx) socket, I'm going to remove the front seats to make laying all my cables easier. I'll let you know how it all worked out.

Slidder 03-05-2000 07:39 PM

Well I've got it all in! Pioneer Premier head unit, Pioneer steering wheel remote, Pioneer hands-free cellular mute, 4 Pioneer 3-ways, Pioneer Premier cd-changer, Rockford Fosgate Amplifier. I ran the power cable on the left side under the carpet and all the RCA, speaker, and remote cables down the right side of the center console and into the trunk. The ground is hooked through the trunk cable boot on the left side of the trunk and to the frame.

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