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billysvue 08-25-2012 04:47 AM

new ( to me) 2005 2.2 VUE
:)Howdy, Just picked up a deep blue 2005 VUe at auction for 3700$ with 140K miles------------------ a nice 5 speed/2.2FWD, very clean, everything works great and in nice condition.
Tomorrow ,will change motor oil, filter and transaxle lube( everything points to DEx 3 for the manual trans). I have some AMSoilSythetic 5-30W and ATF I will use.

Also , I should pull a plug or two and maybe CARFAx to find out service history
( if any).

Trying to go easy on the skinny pedal to check mpg. I'm hoping for 30.

I'm glad to see so many users ,even found an old Saturn service manager transplanted to a another local dealership.
I look forward to many trouble free miles.

billysvue 08-25-2012 04:25 PM

Re: new ( to me) 2005 2.2 VUE
Got done with changing the motor oil and filter... next attacked the fill and drain plugs( in that order) of the 5-speed man trans ....

A trip to store for 16mm boxend wrench did the deed on the 5-speed drainplug but twice as much( almost a full gallon)atf drained out! Sickening thoughts of a leak between the engine crankcase and transaxle are now haunting me.

Maybe the last tech that serviced it just added more fluid on top of the old? If it ever was serviced...:upset:

It should be roughly 2 qts, right? THat's what Chilton's says as well as other service info I have come across. Any comments at all would be welcome, wisecracks included ;)

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