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Jonasan308 10-29-2019 08:29 PM

New addition to the family (96 SL2)
Would like to start off by saying sorry for my absence as off late. Admittedly things havent been going that well and the situation with the SC1 didnt help. However, the car is fixed now (it ended up being the alternator AND fusible link causing it not to start) and back on the road for the time being.

A few days ago, i went to a pull a part to find a wheel for the SC. Somehow the wheel nearly came off and it chewed the holes up for the lug nuts in addition to destroying all 4 lug nuts. While i was there i noticed a green SL2 in the used car lot. It had been sitting there since july 26th per the sticker. Cars that sit too long in the lot typically end up in the junkyard. This same thing happened to a stick shift 98 SL with 109k that they were selling for far too much. Same was probably going to happen to this SL2.

After finding what i was looking for, i went to the lot to take a closer look at this SL2. I wasnt interested at first because its an auto. What i found was probably the cleanest saturn ive seen in the area though. It has 116k, and the interior looks like its barely been sat in. It also has leather seats, cruise control, fancy radio, 15 inch double fin alloy wheels and power windows. In the glovebox. I found the ORIGINAL document that the car came with new, stating all its options. It doesnt have sunroof but lets consider that a bonus becuase no leaks. And the best part is the undercarriage. It looks as if the car wasnt even originally from ohio because its not very rusty underneath.

However its not free of issues. I was told it was shifting firm, and i noticed a SES light.

Intrigued, i asked some questions about it and was told to come back tuesday to speak with someone about it. Went back up there today with a code reader and found the codes getting put off are for the CKP and the turbine speed (TSS). These seem relatively minor compared to the others ive seen. So i attempted to negotiate, figuring theyd be happy to get rid of it. Unfortunately, for some reason they have changed policy, and made it so any used cars that are sold must go for $1,000 or more. I was slightly short so i had to borrow the rest. But i came back with $1,175 and took the car home.

So now onto whats wrong with it. The TSS issue? The car shifts awfully. With light throttle it can sometimes go into gear firmer than it should but acts okay. With moderate or heavy throttle though, it acts strange like itll shift way too easy or hesitate to shift, sometimes even slams into gear. This sounds alot like the system going nuts because its receiving incorrect info from a bad sensor. It doesnt feel like its slipping when it shifts properly though. The CKP? Well im pretty sure that reared its head as soon as i got home, because after i shut it off for the first time and as i was showing my brother the car, it refused to start. It had power definitely but turning the key produced a click and nothing more. However, i came back about 1 hour or so later and found it was starting again. CKP is super cheap so ill be grabbing one of those sometime. The TSS i havent dealt with so ill be reading up on it. I will try and put some pics up of the car!

Waiex191 10-29-2019 08:39 PM

Re: New addition to the family (96 SL2)
For a non-rusty car, $1175 is not bad. Everything else can be fixed.

Waiex191 10-29-2019 08:48 PM

Re: New addition to the family (96 SL2)
A transmission and torque converter is $110 plus $30 core at LKQ. 40% off this Thanksgiving.

Jonasan308 10-29-2019 08:48 PM

Re: New addition to the family (96 SL2)
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Ill try and get more pics up when theres light out.

trottida 10-30-2019 07:53 AM

Re: New addition to the family (96 SL2)
That's a great find. I would have tried to negotiate them throwing in all the parts to convert it to manual transmission to get around the $1000 minimum. You never know, they may have went for it to get it off their lot. Regardless, I don't think $1000 is terrible.

alordofchaos 10-30-2019 11:40 AM

Re: New addition to the family (96 SL2)
very nice!

Jonasan308 10-30-2019 03:44 PM

Re: New addition to the family (96 SL2)
That would have been an interesting idea. Never thought about it. Not aure she would have went for it though as she was claiming her job would be at risk if that car was sold for any less than $1000. Also that yard didnt have any decent cars with transmissions worth taking. I dont think ive been to LKQ before but ill look into it as a manual swap is more feasible with 2 cars.

So far though, im pretty happy with my purchase. Whatever is wrong wont take much to fix. Today i found that one of the wires to the TSS was disconnected. I found a red sleeve that seems like shrink wrap on one end, and it looks alot like someone tried to connect the wires this way. It didnt work and that would explain why the trans goes nuts when you make it shift. I put the wires back together and its shifting nicely now. Next is CKP. Its definitely showing the signs for it as it functions perfect all the way until you try starting it hot.

fdryer 10-30-2019 06:57 PM

Re: New addition to the family (96 SL2)
Jonasan308, if you can, would you mind closing the other thread, the one about the battery light? If it was a double hit of faulty fusible link wire and alternator, adding this info to close an open thread may help others with similar problems.

Good luck on this new project. :cool:

Jonasan308 10-31-2019 09:11 PM

Re: New addition to the family (96 SL2)
Sure. Ill go finish that thread with a conclusion.
I filled it with new fluid today. When i bought it, the sales person mentioned that there had been a massive leak from the old trans fluid filter, and that they replaced the filter but it was making a whining noise. The whining was more of a light grinding noise that wont go away. Drained and poured into a bottle, i could tell it was low on fluid, the bottle was barely half full It took the entire 1 gallon bottle of fluid to bring it just below the crosshatch marks. No more grinding noise. I know they can be tricky to check but getting the fluid level right would have helped. I wonder how many people they scared away with that?

But i have a little issue. I replaced the Cps. But the car is still not starting when hot. From what i have read, the starter will also cause this?

fdryer 11-01-2019 12:53 AM

Re: New addition to the family (96 SL2)
One hint of possible starter issues may be from your initial post about turning the key to START after a brief shutdown from a hot engine and hearing only a click (starter solenoid engaging but no starter motor sounds). If original with 116k miles, it may be a starter issue. While mileage is low (for any starter), if the car was used for frequent short trips without accumulating mileage, premature starter wear can occur despite low mileage. The only way to know if this starter is worn out is by disassembling it for examination. The usual wear items are starter solenoid contacts and brushes. If solenoid contacts wear down, the solenoid will power up with a loud metallic click but the electrical contacts are so worn that they cannot close to send battery power to the starter motor. If brushes wear down, they won't contact the commutator to allow battery power to energize the rotor windings. Earlier starters are repairable when disassembled for cleaning, resulting in full restoration of starter use. Valeo is the original S-series starter. There's a youtube video about it if you can find it.

Jonasan308 11-01-2019 11:04 AM

Re: New addition to the family (96 SL2)
I do think i saw a green valeo sticker on the starter yesterday as i was changing the CPS. I remember thinking that i had never heard of that particular brand before. Ive never rebuilt a starter before but i guess i could try. Worst care scenario, if i fail i could just get a DB starter.

fdryer 11-01-2019 04:14 PM

Re: New addition to the family (96 SL2)
If you don't have a (DB) starter on the shelf and this is your only transportation, I wouldn't disassemble the starter yet. Search YouTube videos or around here for past threads of a member taking snapshots of dissembling a Valeo starter so you have a better idea of what to expect rather than going in blind. I know I read and reviewed snapshots or video of it but cannot remember which method. It was very well presented as snapshots says more than words of how starters are mechanically configured. In my limited experience, I've come across only one type starter for cars. The Valeo starter is unusual in mechanical design and a little more complicated to anyone unfamiliar with starter repairs/rebuilding. Not terribly complicated but not for beginners.

Jonasan308 11-01-2019 07:13 PM

Re: New addition to the family (96 SL2)
Nah, i still have the SC. Although it doesnt have heat, the blower isnt coming on at all when you move the switch for it.

From what ive looked into so far, it seems to involve finding random parts from different sources.

trottida 11-02-2019 07:38 AM

Re: New addition to the family (96 SL2)
[QUOTE=Jonasan308;2309455]Nah, i still have the SC. Although it doesnt have heat, the blower isnt coming on at all when you move the switch for it.

From what ive looked into so far, it seems to involve finding random parts from different sources.[/QUOTE]

Swap starters.

Jonasan308 11-02-2019 02:01 PM

Re: New addition to the family (96 SL2)
With amazon primes enticing one day delivery, i decided to chance using a DB starter.

Removal was interesting. Its not really hard per say but i can see why it can be if youre a large person. Plus it put alot of strain on some muscles in my shoulder so now im feeling pain if wrap my left arm around my body. That top bolt that everyone complains about, i was able to get my fingers and even a thumb around it so i could find it pretty easily with the socket.

For the installation, i found it useful to tighten the lower bolt almost all the way so the top portion would stay put when trying to install the top bolt. Other than that it was fairly easy. Probably took me maybe 30-40 mins once the car was up in the air.

Once that was all done, i found that the starter was definitely my issue because it starts pretty much right away even when hot. The cars fine now, the service engine soon light hasnt come back on so itll pass emissions!

So far, my thoughts on the DOHC engine and auto trans are that its definitely adequate for me. It doesnt have as much power down low but i think the shorter gearing makes up for that. Below 3,000 rpm i do notice its lacking some torque but once you hit 4,000 rpm the engine starts waking up and i see why its so much more appealing over the SOHC.

Waiex191 11-02-2019 02:05 PM

Re: New addition to the family (96 SL2)
[QUOTE]For the installation, i found it useful to tighten the lower bolt almost all the way so the top portion would stay put when trying to install the top bolt. [/QUOTE]
That's the way to do it. Also for removal, take the top bolt out first, after the electrical connections.

Jonasan308 11-02-2019 02:24 PM

Re: New addition to the family (96 SL2)
That is what i did, start with that top one after dealing with the power cables. Atleast you can see and feel when the bottom one comes out. My starter was well attached though, probably would be after 24 years of being on there. It was a Valeo D6RA.

Jonasan308 11-03-2019 11:17 AM

Re: New addition to the family (96 SL2)
I just experienced the joys of having alloy wheels... Finding out that they dont hold pressure when sitting. The left front wheel went flat today. I slapped the dummy tire on for now. (Even that ones low)

I did end up having to put air in all tires a day after i got it. Seems a couple hours of sitting lets air leak out. Is that a surprise even though im in a northern climate? Nope.

Im slightly unsure what to do. No shops are open but the knuckledragger shops that im a little scared to go to.

fdryer 11-03-2019 11:36 AM

Re: New addition to the family (96 SL2)
Bead leaks. When clean and painted or clear coated, bare aluminum rims resist oxidation. Once paint or clear coat chips, exposed aluminum begins to oxidize. Road salt accelerates it. Shops using lead weights with steel clamps on rims destroy paint/clear coat. Once oxidation begins on the rim, it creeps under the tire at the bead seal to separate tire from inside rim. The corroded bead seal leaks air. Better minded shops know to use stick on weights on the inside of aluminum rims.

Waiex191 11-03-2019 11:49 AM

Re: New addition to the family (96 SL2)
My last bead leak, I just dropped off the rim and tire at the local Tires Plus and they fixed it. The ultimate fix is to upgrade to steel rims.

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