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HPAGE86 06-11-2016 05:46 PM

Ignition issues
Hello, this is my last ditch effort to get some learning about this subject. Spent half the day on Google, and been poking and prodding myself, but I am not an automobile guru by any means--although, i'm not an idiot either.

With that said, i could use some input on this issue.

My girlfriend has a 2001 L100 automatic ( I think---they all look the same) and yesterday it would not turn over. The lights come on, instrument cluster all lights up and door buzzer does its thing---so the battery is good.

My next thought---starter relay---turns out this model does not have a starter relay I found in my research, so onto the next thing.

Fuses--checked all fuses with a multimeter for continuity, every one of them are fine. Onto the next thing.

Security lock---found a guy on youtube claiming there is a theft deterrent, if the security light on dash is blinking the fuel pump will not engage therefore not allowing the car to start---the security light is not blinking, so onto the next thing.

Starter--man, what a stupid location for that one! I dont own any ramps, and not gonna trust the spare jack to get under it. Gotta reach my arm all the way behind, down, and under to reach the posts the purple wire connect to, anyways, checked the starter for voltage at the posts near that purple wire, and was seeing 12V--so, that should be good. Onto the next thing...

I tried to make sure the shifter was totally disengaged and in Park, so i smacked it a few times, it seems to be in Park as it should, at this point I'm inclined to think ignition switch...

The whole ignition is 2 parts i believe--the switch and the cylinder/tumblers.
The thing turns clean and free, so i make the assumption that it is the electrical portion of the switch.

Now, I am not one to want to just throw parts at it, the switch alone is $80 and $10 for the Harbor Freight female Torx would one tell for sure its the ignition switch??? I went to autozone, o'riley, and advance--none of them have it (the electric portion of the switch) in stock, so i would have to order it.

Any thoughts or idea about how to trouble shoot this further would be greatly appreciated. Should i just do the switch? Or, if you think I may have made a mistake in my troubleshooting process, please, by all means, correct me. Sorry for the long-winded nature of this post, just wanted to be through.

Thanks again!:us::cake:

HPAGE86 06-11-2016 05:53 PM

Re: Ignition issues
My apologies----i think its actually a 2000 SC2---i'll let this thread die and move it over the the S-series forum. my bad, still kinda new and frustrated.

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