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henryr79 05-01-2017 09:24 PM

A/C problems
I have an '07 Saturn Relay 3 with approx. 190,000 miles and it has the separate temperature controls on the A/C for the left and right sides.
It is blowing cool air on the right side but the air on the left side is not cool at all. The right side feels like the system might need recharging, but like I said the left side is warmer, not hot, just warmer.

fdryer 05-02-2017 01:51 AM

Re: A/C problems
Unless another Relay member or ex Saturn tech can offer help, I can offer limited help. Unfortunately, I do not have access to '07 service manuals to make any online assessments. Ac systems are the same whether making ice cubes or cooling off the interior of our cars, trucks, suvs or minivans. The basic refrigeration system remains the same and simple to troubleshoot. One problem is separating the controls from the sealed system along with possibly different plumbing used in each model. If your Relay uses dual controls for front and rear systems, this can complicate troubleshooting as some minivans use two evaporator coils, the large interior may require one for the front and one for the rear to cool a large interior. This adds additional plumbing for some more complexity. Alldata or Mitchell are subscription services to anyone needing access to service manuals. Your left with few options; GM service, repair shops or diy. There are online help forums too with some googling to ask specific questions to ASE certified mechanics/technicians able to provide expert assistance, some without fees.

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