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SlushWagon 08-12-2018 10:17 PM

TAAT or Speed sensor issue help
Hello everyone, I've been a long time fan of the site and finally joined now that I have a big problem lol. Last year I bought a 94 sw2. No major issues till about 2 months after my speedometer did a "dance" when on the highway around 60mph, jumping between 40-70 for a few seconds before settling back to 60. At this point it would do it at random about once every 2 weeks, also started to get a rare reverse gear slam.
Apart from it's odd dance it didn't effect drivability so I got used to it. Last week I parked my car on Friday and started it up Monday morning to get down the road and noticed the speedometer is out of wack completely, jumping wildly all over and my MP7 lost it's marbles too. No shifting at all or at random. I may have 1st-4th and then loose gears all the way into 2nd, full redlining it with no upshift on it's own or by gear slection. Car bucks like crazy if I'm even barely into the throttle and engine is down on power, feels like a sohc now.
Have been looking into what I need to do, I'm down to the valvebody-speed sensor-throttle position senor as areas of possibility. Any ideas on what I should get changed out first?

Chazberry 08-13-2018 11:55 AM

Re: TAAT or Speed sensor issue help
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Welcome [B]Slush[/B]. The Vehicle Speed Sensor and the Turbine Speed Sensor are the same part. You could try swapping them to see if anything changes.

SlushWagon 08-13-2018 02:00 PM

Re: TAAT or Speed sensor issue help
I'll surely give that a try some time this week, probably wensday since I have the whole day off and can really set time aside for it. Thanks for the welcome, can't wait to get this issue behind me lol

SlushWagon 08-17-2018 11:06 AM

Re: TAAT or Speed sensor issue help
Turned out to be a combination of a bad battery and my speed sensor was covered in some nasties. Replaced the sensor and on cleaning off the connector I found the wires was burned and totally exposed about 5 inches up each line. Seems to of been resting on the transmission case. Replaced and she's running fine now :)

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