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Saturns2Rings 09-07-2019 05:09 PM

Apparently, Saturns following is deeper then I thought!
Hello Everyone,

So I stumbled across SaturnFans by mere accident while researching one that I'm in the process of acquiring. Having been on other chassis specific forums of the same format I figure it's common etiquette to introduce myself and my purpose here.

I'm in the process of purchasing a 1994 SW2 Twin Cam that has been a bit neglected for $500. How neglected you ask? Well, It's been sitting in the back of my apartment complex since 2014 (tag still sporting its 2014 sticker). I'll attach some pictures if the forum allows it.

The Story: I started working as a part time maintenance-man at my apartment complex because the gentleman there mentioned that he needed some help, and I could use the extra cash. While making my morning rounds on the golf cart picking up trash to keep the place presentable I came across this golden colored Saturn wagon. (Not yet knowing about the alphanumeric model names.) Since I've reconditioned cheap cars and sold them before, this looked like a good candidate to drive while I clean it up and then pass it off to a new home. First snag? It's been sitting since 2014. Several days went by and as I made my rounds I kept taking momentary closer looks here and there at it. Coincidentally enough, one morning making the rounds saw a man park near by and I asked "Excuse me, but you wouldn't happen to know who owns this would you?" to which he replied that he does. After some small talk and particulars about the car, It's a 1994 SW2 Twin Cam 5 speed in the base trim level. (After running the VIN, it's number 943 off the line at Spring Hill) It's been sitting for so long because after he moved here in 2013 the company that he works for provides a vehicle so he hasn't had a need for it. He claims that about every two months or so he adds a gallon of fresh gas, jumps it off since the battery is weak, and lets it run up to temperature for about 45 minutes to circulate oil and fluids. and the only problems it has, outside of sitting for so long is that the AC doesn't work and it needs the parking brake cable replaced. I'm currently waiting for time in both of our schedules to actually open it up to see under the hood and through the interior, but truthfully if it cranks and runs with no rod knock or temperature issues I'll buy it regardless.

If it can move under its own power, my first step will be to get it to the front of the complex by my building where the car wash is located for a proper bath and cleaning so that I can get a real assessment of its condition. Afterwards, my plan is AC and parking brake cables. All new fluids. Clutch master and slave. refresh the brakes. New tires. and to drive it around for a while.

I'll probably be on here quite a bit reading and learning about the chassis and from time to time may ask some questions or get input from the community while doing my best to not be redundant or ask about things that are easily found via the search function.

Until next time,
- Saturns2Rings -

pierrot 09-07-2019 10:35 PM

Re: Apparently, Saturns following is deeper then I thought!
[FONT="Palatino Linotype"][SIZE="3"]Welcome to SaturnFans, [B][I][COLOR="blue"]Saturns2Rings[/COLOR]![/I][/B] I, too, found this website while searching for an answer to a concern I had for my car. The answers available helped to direct me to more sources and reach a useful conclusion.

There are many of us who are happy with our Saturn cars - managing to keep them going and going well. Much good information is available in this website. I suspect you'll find many answers to questions you may be asking in the future and members who are quite willing to be of help to you. Regarding searches within the website, the [B][I][COLOR="purple"]Google Custom Search[/COLOR][/I][/B] will yield its results much more easily that the [B][I][COLOR="green"]Advanced Forum Search[/COLOR][/I][/B]. However, with practice the latter search format can do more to narrow down the search results than Google's simplified format. I wish you the best of success in your endeavor with this "new-to-you" car! (Can we say "classic" for the one you're looking at? Hmm...)[/SIZE][/FONT]

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