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DCAlden 01-30-2020 01:36 PM

Intermittent Starting Problem
I own a 2008 Astra XR that has been very reliable. However, 2 days ago I went to start it and when I turned the key, nothing, not even a click. The battery was fine. I thought maybe it was the starter but with no sound whatsoever I decided to check the starter relay in the front fuse box. It seemed to test ok but I decided to replace it anyway. Discovering that it was not available locally I decided to try manually jumping the relay by removing the relay and jumping pins 30 & 87. Bingo, car started right up.

I reinserted the relay and put the car in the driveway (I had been stuck on the street). Just for kicks I tried restarting the car and everything seemed ok. It started normally over and over as if nothing was ever wrong. I ordered a spare relay just in case it had an intermittent fault ( and it was cheap on Amazon).

I suspected that this may have been some sort of computer glitch that prevented the car from starting. I have heard that this can happen for “safety” reasons.

Now again today, I was unable to start the car. Jumping the relay engages the starter and it cranks fine but wont start. Just the tiniest sound of one click when the key is turned and nothing else. The new relay came and it makes no difference.

The only code that ever appears is P1101 (mass air flow sensor out of range). The MAF sensor was replaced by the gm dealer about 4 months ago and the dealer insists that despite the code, nothing is wrong with the MAF sensor.

I have a elm obd2 reader so I can reset the code but it comes back within a day or 2.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone had ever had a similar experience and or had any advice.

AstraFasta 01-30-2020 01:51 PM

Re: Intermittent Starting Problem
z18xer crank no start troubleshooting video. A few areas to check include: immobilizer, fuel pump/relay.


tackepj 01-31-2020 10:15 AM

Re: Intermittent Starting Problem
What AstraFasta said - would check fuel pump relay not getting energized, potentially by some glitch involving a security/safety system? Strange. Are you locking the car with the fob between no-start scenarios? Just for more info, might want to try just locking with the button on the dash (which I believe just locks doors - no other "security" features).

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