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planet_astra 08-31-2019 11:09 PM

Astra acceleration issues
Hello, ill try to keep the recent events as short as possible.

Recently bought a 2008 Astra XE with a 5spd manual and about 200,xxx km on the clock. Absolutely love the vehicle!

It ran great for the first 2 weeks, without a single issue. 2 days ago I noticed a rough idle, it had a hard time keeping the revs up. The issue progressed into seldom sputtering when accelerating in lower gears (ie; 1st and 2nd). Then the engine light went on, which read P0302 (2nd cylinder misfire). I cleared the code and did some research. Everything led me to believe that the ignition coil pack is faulty. I removed and inspected the coil pack, cleared the CEL code and put it all back together.

Since then, the engine light hasnt reappeared but the engine seems to be running slightly smoother.

Does anybody here have experience with this sort of thing? Im wondering if there are any other low cost maintenance repairs i can complete before ruling out coil pack is faulty and shelling out a cold $500.

Any advice is appreciated :):):yes:

AstraFasta 08-31-2019 11:18 PM

Re: Astra acceleration issues
These go through coil packs rather quickly.

I just picked up a AC Delco coilpack on eBay for US$65. It seems genuine.

Change the sparkplugs with good platinum. Search here for suggestions.

Other good easy maintenance:

You can also clean the throttle body. Use throttle body cleaner (not carb cleaner etc due to coatings). Don't lose a finger opening the butterfly.

Clean the MAF with MAF cleaner only.

Replace the air filter, oil filter, and do oil change.

I would change the cabin air filter. If it gets too clogged it can kill the blower fan and or resistor pack; the latter is a pain to change.

With that mileage if you are in wet or snowy are, you might want to do a voltage drop test on electrics then clean main termainals at battery, alternator, starter, grounds...

The intake/exhaust camshaft actuator solenoids can get dirty, including the filters. You can read about easy service here.

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