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TaurusTom 06-30-2015 12:07 AM

New here having Tran's problem
Hello everyone my gf has a 02 sl1. The transmission finally went but she has put 300k mile's on it so I guess it's time. So I went and picked up a decent salvage yard trans. Worked great for first day other than it revved high in first the other gear's worked fine even reverse and no gear slamming even got better I'm assuming the learning process. Now she drove it got the temps up to normal around town went to Walmart goes to leave won't shift out of 1st ( this is a sohc auto BTW replaced with sohc just a cpl years older) and I get the p0723-4 2nd 3rd and 4th incorrect ratio. Any idea's? I've searched and came up with vlv body replacement and input output nut. Just stumped and tired of playing with it since I had to do the swap between rain took me almost a week to do it. I really hate rain now lol.thanks in advance and sorry so long or in the wrong place. New to the forum things

fdryer 07-01-2015 03:36 PM

Re: New here having Tran's problem
Hardly anyone reads the community posts so it may be wiser to post again in the S-series Tech forums for more replies.

As far as engines go, remove and examine the transplanted engine's coolant sensor - engines up to '01 have faulty round nosed plastic sensors failing, sometimes affecting xmission shifts.. A tell tale indicator besides examining it is the temperature gauge needle hovering over the 1/4 mark. The flat nosed brass sensor corrects this problem. Another issue may be an old thermostat >10 years old and running cooler than normal. A reader displaying coolant temps can help.

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