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Jksharp 01-14-2019 11:58 PM

Tuning for 05 saturn ion 3 2.2l L61, needing help
Wanna install turbo kit.. But can't figure out how I'm gonna tune the car as hptuner doesn't support the 05 saturn ion 2.2 any information would be greatly appreciated

fdryer 01-15-2019 06:57 PM

Re: Tuning for 05 saturn ion 3 2.2l L61, needing help
You might have an uphill battle attempting add turbocharging without a dedicated or custom ecm, upgraded injectors, 2 or 3 bar map sensor and other miscellaneous items.

Did you consider stock Redlines with supercharging? [url][/url]

Jksharp 01-15-2019 11:55 PM

Re: Tuning for 05 saturn ion 3 2.2l L61, needing help
I was gonna add all the upgrades I need but the only thing that's holding me back is the ecm or ecu part everything else I would do(forged pistons, cam, the whole 9), and not really cause I already have the 05 saturn ion 3 2.2l and got it just as a beater car a while ago but it just kept running and I feel in love with it and got attached to the car so now I wanna make it faster. Do you know if the ecm in the car is a "P11 idk what exactly that means lol but a tuning company asked me and I got no clue and couldn't find any answer online. Also how would I get a custom or dedicated ecu

fdryer 01-16-2019 02:12 AM

Re: Tuning for 05 saturn ion 3 2.2l L61, needing help
I'm not familiar with aftermarket or stock turbo charging of 2.2L GM engines. Since GM and Saturn participated in creating a supercharged 2.0L engine for Ions and one or two other GM models, my guess is a lot of in house engineering went into developing the Redline Ion with factory supercharging. Consider the warranty involved when offered as a factory option, to protect GM against liability issues with drivers stomping on the go pedal to have a portable rocket for stoplight racing or evening races on roads and highways with other like minded drivers. Corvettes and Camaros may be the only two muscle cars with stock super or turbo chargers. Anyone attempting to turbo or super charge must have the requisite knowledge otherwise a blown engine is the usual result from inadequate preparation due to lack of information needed to go from naturally aspirated to turbo/super charging. Even I didn't figure out what was needed until late in life, fascinated with super/turbo charging. I often wondered how they can work with more horror stories than successful ones. I believe I figured out how stock EFI engines can have boost but at least three major components are necessary for successful boost. The third component wasn't apparent until it popped in my mind one day. While it's easy to look up what components are used in factory boosted engines, it may not be obvious to many including me. Some thinking was required before understanding what's needed when going from naturally aspirated (vacuum) engines to positive boost pressures and having the EFI sensors know when the transition occurs while the ecm already has it all mapped out. I'll call it the secret sauce serious tuners are aware of. I'm just a casual admirer.

I do not know of anyone offering custom tunes for Ions. The limited production and closing of Saturn didn't develop a large enough following for any company to develop custom ecms. Although you already have a stock Ion, it's not prepped for turbo charging and the reason for suggesting trading for a Redline with supercharging. It's simply easier to take one and do any repairs needed to restore a worn Redline back to factory condition. Modifying a stock engine for turbo charging is no small task especially if there aren't any aftermarket tuners selling piggy back units to supplement the stock ecm. They're out there but you have to basically start from scratch to develop your own tune. That's where boosted engines separate the uninformed from the well informed.

You might have better luck trying Redline forums or other GM forums that have turbo or super charging as stock and learn what it takes to make one from scratch which is what I think you're attempting. Some have stated to have a daily driver while their project car is down for mods because it won't be a week end project. If I'm not mistaken, a member here did try to turbo his 2.2L engine in his L200. It was about a year when he updated but I think he gave up. Search in the L-series forums for this member attempting to turbo charge his ride.

Jksharp 01-16-2019 03:43 AM

Re: Tuning for 05 saturn ion 3 2.2l L61, needing help
Thank you for all the information. I'm attached to this car and won't ever sell it so eventually I will figure out how to get this done and when I do I'll let everyone know so it's easier for the next guy.. I know it'll be alot of work to get it to be a reliable boosted engine but anything is possible with enough dedication

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