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klasvoss 10-21-2000 09:40 PM

2001 SL2 front door panel removal?
I'm looking to upgrade the factory speakers in the near future and can't seem
to get the panel off.I removed all visible screws and gave it a pull and nothing.
I've taken off plenty-o-panel and have become stumped on this one?????

ssicarman 10-22-2000 01:05 AM

The door panel is a two piece panel. The area around the door release handle and grab handle is seperate from the main door panel. It is held on by four screws. One behind the tweeter cover, one behind the power door lock switch/hole cover, one behind the grab handle (front half comes off, careful they break a clip on the top very easily) and the fourth behind the triangular plastic cover for the mirror mount nuts. I go on the assumption you are talking about the front door panels. Good luck.

ssicarman 10-22-2000 01:21 AM

My apologies. My previous post was for the L-series. Sorry. To late at night to see straight. S-series door panels are removed differently. Should be a screw at the door release handle to loosen it and allow you to get to the rods to pull it out all the way. Two screws at the pull handle. Probably a push pin clip on the back edge of the panel. Check for screws along the bottom of the door panel, may be there can't remember for sure. The triangle cover at the door mirror probably has to come off. If it looks like all the screws are out and everything else is out of the way the door panel should come off by lifting it up about one inch. You may have to give it a sharp rap upwards with your hand to free it up.

JasonD 10-24-2000 12:39 AM

WEll if they did not change your model much from the 97's then all you have to do is take out all the screws, then grab hold of the door and lift it straight up and then out. There are little hooks that you must pull up then out. Hope that helps.

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