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VinceL 11-29-2007 07:48 PM

"Sticky" temperature display
Recently (seems like ever since I got the transmission update at the end of October), the temperature display in my dash seems to stick.

For example, this morning the actual temperature got down into the low 30's. When I started up my Outlook around 9:30 am it indicated that the temperature was 35 degrees. I drove about 3 miles and left it parked there for about an hour and a half. When I started it up, it still indicated 35 degrees. I drove the 3 miles back home, was at home for about 2 hours, and then left again. By this time, the actual temperature was over 60 degrees. I drove the Outlook for about 20 minutes with the display continuing to show 35 degrees. Then, all of a sudden, it started changing. In about a minute, it jumped from 35 degrees to 65 degrees.

This kind of sticking has happened at other times. But, I don't recall it happening prior to getting the transmission update. As I recall that update included the TCM and BCM. I'm guessing the temperature display is controlled by the BCM. Maybe the update needs to be re-applied?

I just moved from PA to NC a couple of weeks ago. I guess I'll soon be introducing myself to the local Saturn service manager. :ugh:

Has anyone else experienced this kind of problem? If so, what had to be done to fix it?

djhhjd 11-29-2007 10:29 PM

Re: "Sticky" temperature display
I have had this concerne with my OUTLOOK XR and basicly what the deal is that if you drive your car after its been shut off for more than 3 hours the temp will adjust warmer or cooler at a filtered rate, if you start it before 3 hours it will display the last temp until you drive atleast 20 mph for 80 seconds then it is a slow filtered rate. Then when you drive atleast 45 mph the filtered rate will speed up until actual ambient air temp is achived. If you start your car before 3 hours is up and is colder than the last temp reading it will update the display rapidly. That is kind of the short version of the print out that my director of service gave to me. I hope that it helps.:)

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djhhjd 11-29-2007 11:29 PM

Re: "Sticky" temperature display
Also I forgot to mention I dont think that your concern has to do with the TCM or "BCM" recall but what I was told was that it was more of a placement issue for the ambient air temp sensor and that Saturn engineers are on top of it. The sensor is right behind the grille and on top of the radiator so I am sure that they are trying to find a better place for it.

MrHorspwer 11-30-2007 07:36 AM

Re: "Sticky" temperature display
The ambient air temperate is received and processed by the HVAC control assembly, not the BCM. Your software update for the transmission didn't do anything to the ambient air temp display.

From your description, it sounds like the system is operating perfectly normal. As noted in the post above, the system will only update the ambient air temp after the vehicle has been turned off for 3 hours. It will do an instant update if the temperature has [I]decreased[/I] in that time, but like you said, the temp increased from the 30s to the 60s. You would have to leave the vehicle sit for more than 3 hours to get an instant update when you turned on the vehicle again.

The temp display won't even attempt a filtered update until you've traveled at least 20 MPH for greater than 80 seconds. If you stay less than 45 MPH, the temp updates at a slow filtered rate. At 45 MPH, it should do an instant update.

All vehicles use some type of filtering and update process. The values and times may change, but filtering is the only way to prevent wild swings in the ambient temperature display. The ambient air temp sensor needs to be in an area which receives outside air. This is typically in the front fascia somewhere. The problem is, when you stop, all the latent heat from the radiator and condensor surge forward into the front fascia cavity, warming the ambient air temp sensor. This is why there is a need for movement before an update, to get outside air flowing over the sensor instead of the hot air coming off the radiator. When the vehicle is shut off, it needs to see a predefinied cooldown period. In your case, it's 3 hours.

Here's a trick. It may or may not work, but give it a try. If you want to do an instant air temp update, press and hold the A/C and RECIRC on the HVAC controls for a few seconds. This should force the display to show actual air temp seen at the sensor, not the filtered value.

Eric 11-30-2007 11:00 AM

Re: "Sticky" temperature display
I've seen an issue related to this...

I've started up my Outlook and the outside temp is actually near 40F, the gauge reads 65F. After driving for a bit this does adjust down. However, I've had on one occasion started my Outlook remotely on a cold day, and the interior was still cold after several minutes and the heated seats were not on. I noted that the outside temp reading was +20F over what the actual temp was. We usually use the AUTO feature for the temperature control, and set it to about 72F. What I think happens (and correct me if I'm wrong) if the gauge reads 65F, the Outlook thinks it's 65F outside, it'll blow cool air and keep the heated seats off even when it's near freezing.

I've also had the temperature and fan speed adjust as the temp gauge starts to adjust as the difference between my set temp and the outside temp changes.

I guess when this happens I'll just freeze until the temperature adjusts, and/or manually blast the heat and then switch to the AUTO feature.

djhhjd 11-30-2007 11:46 AM

Re: "Sticky" temperature display
Eric, was it on auto when the temp and fan changed on their own?:hmpf:

Eric 11-30-2007 11:38 PM

Re: "Sticky" temperature display
[QUOTE]Eric, was it on auto when the temp and fan changed on their own?[/QUOTE]

Yes, it was set to AUTO. Just to clarify, the outside temp was changing like the OP noted - it wasn't the temp the AC was set to that was changing.

djhhjd 12-01-2007 10:06 AM

Re: "Sticky" temperature display
Oaky, I think that it is working just as it should with the current location of the sensor and programming also your correct you'll have to work it manually untill the ambient air temp adjusts. Probably when they come out with a relocation for the sensor and the ambient air is always constant (not affected by radiator heat and things related to that) your auto cycle and heated seats will kick on with the remote start feature. Atleast thats what I am thinking.:)

Eric 12-01-2007 01:21 PM

Re: "Sticky" temperature display
Yeah, I agree the AUTO temp function is working correctly. The changing of the fan speeds made sense, too... it's just a pain that I might have a cold Outlook to hop into after using the remote start. :ugh:

VinceL 12-01-2007 04:25 PM

Re: "Sticky" temperature display
Thanks for all the replies. This forum has a bunch of very helpful and knowledgeable people on it. :):yes:

To summarize, assuming the Outlook was off for less than 3 hours and the outside temperature is the same or warmer as when the Outlook had been previously driven, then there is a delay in the display of the temperature (to avoid a false extremely high reading due to ambient engine heat).

And, after driving 20 mph for 80 seconds, it starts a filtered update of the temperature. In the example I gave in original post, I did my first 15 minutes of driving through town where I had to stop at numerous traffic lights. It is possible that I never drove over 20 mph for a continuous 80 seconds during those first 15 minutes. I'm assuming if I drive 20 mph for 30 seconds then stop at a traffic light, the "timer" resets to zero. So, I effectively start over and have to do 80 continuous seconds of driving to get the display to start its filtered adjustment. If that is not the case, then something is not right since I was driving for almost 20 minutes before there was any change at all in the displayed temperature.:hmm:

Certainly, my display did adjust up from 35 degrees to 65 degrees very quickly once I got through town and was able to speed up.


VinceL 12-02-2007 03:44 PM

Re: "Sticky" temperature display
Just thought I would post some more experience with my temperature display.

Started the Outlook for the first time about 6 pm. Temperature display said 54 degrees which agreed with another thermometer. Drove several miles to a restaurant, parked, and shut off the engine. As a test, I pressed the Recirc and AC buttons together. As MrHorsPwer said, the temperature display instantly updated to 69 degrees, reflecting the ambient engine heat built up just from being parked for a couple of minutes.

After dinner (less than 3 hours later), I started the Outlook and it showed the 69 degrees from before dinner. The outside temperature at this point was around 45 degrees.

For the first part of the drive home, I could not drive above about 35 mph and the temperature stayed at 69 degrees. Shortly before getting home, I got the speed above 45 mph and the temperature display started dropping. I got home before it could get all the way down to the actual temperature, but it dropped from 69 degrees to 53 degrees in about a minute.

So, I guess my Outlook is behaving as designed. It's just kind of weird compared to the other cars I own or have owned that display the outside temperature.

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