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brad_ion03 02-17-2005 09:54 AM

New to forum 03 Ion 1 owner

I've owned my 03 for a little over a week now. I've been reading your posts and getting a feel for the nuances and aggravation some of you have written about. As of now, I have even gotten to experience a little of what you have described as problems.

My Ion has 16,000 miles on it; low for an 03 and the main reason I bought used. It was 5K cheaper than the 05's and with 15,500 at the test drive, practically new. I travel a lot and will enjoy the mileage benefits over my Suburban. Concequently, I am not near my dealer much of the month. I did not check their database to see what warranty work has been done on the car yet.

I have done a search on recalls, three so far right?, and must assume the turn signal/light/lens replacement has been done. My only real concern so far is the occasional sloppy 2-3 shift noted here as slip-shift? What have those of you with this transmission condition had done as a repair?


2003 Ion 1, bone stock, no frills

PAGuy77 02-18-2005 09:58 AM

Re: New to forum 03 Ion 1 owner
Well first of all Brad, congrats on the Ion. I have an '03 myself. 2 years and 22k later, it's still running like a champ. As far as the recalls, I am sure they were done on the car. However, it would be good to check with the dealer just to make sure. As far as the tranny is concerned, the Aisin is good but quite "querky". It seems to have a mind of its own sometimes. I have just started to notice the 2-3 shift flare. I will keep an eye on it, if it gets to bad I'll have them look at it when I am in at Saturn next for the DRL TSB. Other then that, you have a great little car on your hands.....enjoy it. :D

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