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AZ Saturn fan 11-22-2017 12:05 PM

Noise from my 2006 Ion Quad Coupe when car is rolling
Not sure if this would go in “Ion General” or Ion “Tech” so I might post it in both places.

I have been having a noise from my 2006 Ion Quad Coupe lately and tried going through various threads to figure out what to do about it. At first I thought it might be a wheel balancing problem and since I received an email reminder from the shop I bought the front tires from that it was time to balance the tires, I took it in for wheel balancing but that did not solve it. It makes noise any time the car is rolling starting with a rumbling when going slow (parking lot speeds) and increases in noise level and intensity as the car goes faster till it sounds like a clothes washer in spin cycle at highway speeds. I replaced the driver's side front wheel bearing to no avail, then the passenger side front wheel bearing, also to no avail. I have tried the test where you place the car in neutral and turn the engine off while rolling down a hill and the noise is still there. Also I don't notice any difference in the noise when turning right or left. I know that a bad engine mount can cause noise and vibration but it wouldn't increase with increasing wheel speeds or make noise with the engine off, would it? (Btw, the front mount is bad and I plan on replacing it now that I have noticed it) I have also heard mention of an intermediate bearing that some have said is no longer available, but when I do a search on the topic on this board I usually end up with posts about the Saturn Vue and not the Ion. Any input would be greatly appreciated and give me other items to check till eventually I can fix it.

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