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pp270 10-30-2019 10:50 PM

What sensor is this
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What sensor is shown by green sharpie in this picture? This broke and causing p0449 code. Please advise

imaddicted2u 10-31-2019 08:42 AM

Re: What sensor is this
[QUOTE=pp270;2309345]What sensor is shown by green sharpie in this picture? This broke and causing p0449 code. Please advise[/QUOTE]
Which engine is that. I may be wrong but I think that's the crankcase vent, not a sensor. Hard to tell, the pic is kind of small.
However, The code is for the EVAP emissions vent valve solenoid. That valve is on top of the fuel tank

pp270 10-31-2019 09:15 AM

Re: What sensor is this
Its the 2.4L. The part that broke looks to be a separate part that snaps into the vacuum line just above the throttle body. If crank case vent do you have part number for it so I can order replacement?

imaddicted2u 10-31-2019 10:28 AM

Re: What sensor is this
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I looked a little harder. That line comes from the EVAP purge solenoid. Could cause the P0449 and will be causing a vacuum leak.
If you can get the rest of the tube out of the hose, you might be able to epoxy it back together.
The hose with connectors is GM Vent Hose 12586630.
I can't find a part number for the other half as it seems it may be a part of the intake manifold. You need to see if the half that goes in the intake manifold can be removed. If you can get it out, it's likely a dealer item. If you can't its either somehow cobble it back together or replace the manifold.

fdryer 10-31-2019 12:50 PM

Re: What sensor is this
My two cents. If the plastic piece broke with one part still in the hose fitting, can that broken piece be removed? Once removed, perhaps a metal bushing or tube fitting the inside diameter and epoxied to the manifold can act as a structural support. The metal tube fitting into manifold and broken piece. This shouldn't affect vacuum operation. If a tube can fit snugly before epoxy, this trial fit may work to erase the P0449 error code. If it does, epoxy the piece permanently.

Is the hose a nylon tube with snap on fittings? Care is needed if these are plastic fittings. Aging dries out plastics, prone to cracking. Thermoplastics are supposed to be resilient to heat/cold cycles.

imaddicted2u 10-31-2019 01:45 PM

Re: What sensor is this
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Can you move the hose out of the way and post a good closeup hi-res pic of the tube that's left on the manifold side? A closeup will show if the tube is broken off or if it's the connector side that's broken. Maybe we can suggest some methods to fix.

pp270 11-01-2019 09:25 AM

Re: What sensor is this
It is definitely broken on the intake manifold side and after looking at pics of intake manifolds it is part of it. So I will attempt to epoxy as others suggested but can someone post procedure for changing out intake manifold if it comes to that.

imaddicted2u 11-01-2019 09:54 AM

Re: What sensor is this
You might try using a piece of rubber hose that will fit over the piece left behind on the manifold. Put some sealant on it and slip it on. Let it set up. Get a hose coupling to go in to the other end of the hose and cut the connector off of the existing hose and slip it over the other half of the coupling, use sealant or hose clamps if you have to and maybe tywrap it down.

pp270 11-01-2019 01:35 PM

Re: What sensor is this
What kind of sealant would you recommend?

imaddicted2u 11-01-2019 02:02 PM

Re: What sensor is this
This stuff works good. You won't need much. Make sure none of it blocks off the hole in the manifold piece.
The purpose of that hose is to put a suction on the charcoal canister next to the gas tank so it sucks the collected gas fumes into the engine where it's burned so the hose is never under any pressure.


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