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IL Trav 06-01-2019 12:20 AM

2004 Saturn ion 3 Sedan manual trans
We have a 2004 ion had hit 3 deer over the years.. the last 6 months out front right turn signal went out replaced it worked for a few days the stopped working again bulb was still good then started working again the next day stopped working again checked it out same as before good bulb and running lights work fine just not turn signal just got new headlight mounts and new headlights yesterday and now I canít get left or right front signals to work I put upgraded led ones in and I pulled them and put new or bulbs back in and still not working then I tried driver side again and it worked so I put the new led one back in and dose not work yet again put new bulb back in and now it dose not work either But the rear signals work fine Iím lost...

We have to identical cars Have not hand this issue with the other one also it has 280,000 miles on it any help is much appreciated..

fdryer 06-01-2019 01:36 PM

Re: 2004 Saturn ion 3 Sedan manual trans
When inadvertently deer hunting, did front end damage require collision shop repairs or did you perform repairs? In either case, did you examine all wiring associated with turn signals in the area of damage? Some wiring repairs may be simply cutting and splicing ends together with electrical tape. Electrical tape is very poor for vehicle repairs as the adhesive turns gooey and dries out with tape peeling. It should be obvious when you see it and may be loose wire repairs. Butt connectors are better. A little more expensive - butt connectors with heat sealing ends using heat to shrink tubing for weather proofing electrical repairs exposed to weathering.

bern 06-01-2019 06:21 PM

Re: 2004 Saturn ion 3 Sedan manual trans
The DRL / turn signal circuit go though the BCM , The codes will need to be cleared in the BCM

IL Trav 08-12-2019 03:50 AM

Re: 2004 Saturn ion 3 Sedan manual trans
Sorry I never got back to you guys have had family matters..

The led ones I want to use just do not work in this car for some reason but I put new regular ones in and they are back to working fine after disconnecting the batter for some time.. Thank you for you advice..

And lol after deer hunting it was just new panels and pulled out the radiator support as itís an old car high mileage it has liability insurance only And with $200-$250 it got new good and headlights. We inspected the wiring and checked everything els that could have been affected..

Thanks again for the help.

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