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madoski 07-28-2013 08:10 PM

cruise control swap, 2000sc1 to 97sc1
I just bought a low mileage '97SC1 to replace my 2000SC1 with almost 400k miles on it. The '97 has everything I need except a cruise control. They're both automatics. I watched Richpin's video on adding cruise control and found the module on my 2000sc. I'm confident that I could install the module from my 2000SC1 onto my '97, but I guess I can't just swap steering wheels? (One's a gen2 and one's a gen3.) I'd love to do this if I could, but if not, can I still go ahead and use the module and just buy a switch for my '97? Will the gen2 switch work with the gen3 module?


PS...I found the cruise control module connector on my '97. Since the car came with the connector, is it safe to assume that the car's computer would recognize the cruise control function (or be programmed to by a local shop)? I don't want to have to swap computers.

OldNuc 07-28-2013 09:38 PM

Re: cruise control swap, 2000sc1 to 97sc1
Cruise option is turned off by default unless it is listed as an option and installed. You wil have to use the gen - 2 switch pod with your wheel. I don't think you can graft the 2000 wheel onto a 97 but if that is possible someone will speak up I am sure. To get cruise enabled is either locate a Tech-2 scanner or find a dealer who will re-flash your PCM and set it enabled. The big search box in the top middle of the page will dredge up much info on this.

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