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saturnotaku 01-17-2001 12:19 AM

If you think you've had bad luck...
This post isn't so much of a horror story about a Saturn owning family, but just about how certain people can have some really bad luck. This story revolves around my ex-girlfriend and her family.

They purchased their first Saturn back in 1999 (a green SL2). Within a couple months, they were hit from behind by a cement truck, destroying the car, but only causing minor to moderate injuries to the occupants (my ex, her sister, and her mother). This wasn't bad considering that the wreck happened on busy, 50 mph traffic on 75th Street in Naperville, IL.

After long bouts with their insurance, they decided to replace the '99 with a 2000 SL2, which coincidentally is identical to mine, except that mine has a spoiler and sunroof. But I digress. In the year or so that they've had that 2000, that car has been in the following: 1) a fender bender that cracked the plastic on the front quarter panel, 2) a trading paint case that damaged 2 of the doors, and 3) just yesterday someone backed into their car in the parking lot of a store. Now bear in mind that none of these incidents were the fault of my ex's family and before they bought their first Saturn they had never had any trouble of this nature before.

They say it's the car and once the SL2 is paid off, they're going to buy a Honda (boo!). I say it's just a streak of bad luck that could have happened no matter what car they owned. What do you all think?

satu1900 01-17-2001 12:39 AM

Kinda sucks, but my accident that accured a month ago with my SL2 was my first accident. Explain that. Oh, well. Lets just hope nothing else happens to my car nor your ex-girlfriends car.
'96 SL2

SpeedPlayer 97sl2 01-17-2001 01:27 AM

My SL2 was our first car ever to require repainting of any sort. Had to get the rear bumper repainted cuz a tractor trailer decided to drive one of its tires over it.

spencerb 01-17-2001 02:23 AM

That makes me think... I have had two wrecks with $3000 total damage to my Honda in the past six months (same intersection, go figure); neither were my fault. My Honda has been repaired, but I now don't seem to want a nice new car. I'm becoming a wreck magnet! However, if I put the blame on the curse of my Honda, then a new Saturn would be free from evil intervention!

Since I now want to spend an extra five years in school, the new Saturn is far away. But hey, but then I can get the second (or third) generation L-series. New body style with true black exterior by then with a 5sp V6, hopefully.

(tangent, my friend just bought a 626 because he insisted on a sedan with a manual V6)

Nuke-Em 01-17-2001 06:20 PM

I don't think it's the cars. Accidents have been more frequent now a days. People are concentrating less on driving and more on talking on the phone, eating, and other crap. Plus, some cars are just too big for some people. I've been driving a year and a half and I've already been rear-ended. My SW2 has been in three accidents (only one was my dad's fault). The first one my dad hit a Caddy, the second one my mom was rear ended in a hit and run. The lastest one involved an Isuzu that cut my dad off. That one was kinda nasty. But I digress, people have really gotten bad when it comes to driving. I think I'll buy a tank...


BobL 01-18-2001 08:06 AM

Agree 100%. Just heard that at least 1 county (Suffolk, NY) has banned cellphone use while driving - a very good idea.

Just gave up my cell service to save $25/mo. The phone will still call 911 so I keep it in the glove compartment. If some nasty person steals it, the only number they can call is for a blue & white taxi to Sheriff Baker's Heartbreak Hotel.

Spork 01-18-2001 11:13 AM

Quasi-related observation.. I drive a manual, and there is no way in hell that you can eat or use a phone, etc while driving in town. On the hiway, no problem, but still a bad idea. I work in the telecommunications biz, and avoid cell phones and beepers like the plague.. I like being out of contact.. Don't even have an answering machine. <img src="" border="0" align="middle">

film52 01-18-2001 11:45 AM

I use my cell with my manual in town quite often; itís hands free though.

saturnotaku 01-18-2001 08:43 PM

You want to know what happens when people try to drive and talk on their cel phones? Check this out:

These are the remains of my dearly departed '92 Chevy Cavalier. Allow me to set the scene for you. Easter Sunday last year, my parents are taking me back to school in Indiana and we are on Interstate 80/294 near Chicago Heights, IL. From here through about Michigan City, IN, this has to be one of the most treacherous, congested stretches of highway in this fair nation of ours. We are in the left lane and are slowing down to about 35 mph because of traffic. All of a sudden the Ford F-150 that is behind us, slams into the back of the Cavalier. What happened was a woman semi driver (with a full load) was talking on her cel phone and was not paying attention to her driving. She hit the F-150 going about 45 mph. First of all it was illegal for her to be in the left lane, and the cel phone thing just made it all the more irritating. Fortunately, the little Cavalier was strong enough to allow both my parents and me to walk away with only minor injuries.

The one bright side to all this was what we got financially from the insurance settlement. I think the truck driver's insurance company was glad we weren't going to sue them. I think we did pretty well, though:

I hope the Saturn will be able to do as good a job at protecting me as the Cavalier did should this ever happen again (God forbid). But the incident only went to further my ire against people who do other things while their vehicle is in motion besides drive (I don't limit it to cel phone usage).

Yankeez01L30094SL2 01-19-2001 10:42 AM

Maralboro township, NJ also banned cellphoning while driving, but I thnik it may just be for handheld ones. I think accidents are caused more because people just don't give a S*** anymore. They will see you coming down the road and pull out in front of you anyway. Running red lights all the time. I think people just have this need to be first, to be ahead of you. Like if I am doing 70 on the highway someone will move from behind me to get in front of me and go guess what? 70. They just have to be in front. People know the correct way to drive but choose to be arrogant. The popularity of the big fancy SUV's is all about "I'm bigger and better and more important and I rule the road" BTW the oil cartel just decided to cut production of oil, I could care less if it goes to 2 bucks a gallon as long as it curtails those tanks on our roads. Just had to get all that out.

edwilson13185 01-19-2001 11:07 AM

I fully agree with you! Shoot, while we're at it, I don't care even if gas goes up to 2.50+ per gallon. My '93 Saturn gets about 35MPG with the air conditioner on, and sometimes even 39 on mostly highway driving. I can't complain. Even if we're paying 2.00 per gallon for gas, our small cars still won't be as much to fuel as some SUVs are when gas prices are low. I'm keeping my small car!

Signed, SATURNFAN13185
'93 Blue Black SL2, sunroof

Heartbeat - '95 SL2 01-20-2001 06:14 AM

Let's not get outta hand here! I *do* care if gas prices go up, unless accompanied by a big, fat raise. But I have to agree I don't know what cell phone users and SUV owners are thinking. You'd think you would realize quickly that your safe driving habits are out the window when you're having a conversation on the phone. And I just laugh about SUV owners. My boss replaced her Camry with a Trooper because she goes car camping maybe once/year, even when I warned her about gas mileage and insurance. Later, she's complaining that she's filling up twice/week, which is like 3 tankfuls for a Saturn (and we commuted the same distance). Nope, she just didn't want to rent an SUV for those camping trips -- had to own one like the Jones's.

Dr. Bob 01-21-2001 07:03 PM

I once had an Opel Manta - in the 60K miles I owned it, it had been hit and run no less than 7 times, got backed into by a drunk with no insurance, even had two windshields busted. The only one of these that occurred with me in the car was the drunk incident.

After all this, because some of the body work done was third-rate, I had the body completely redone, put on new radials - car looked better than new. Three months later some juvenile delinquents kicked in the doors and attempted to slash the tires and bust the glass, but got scared off by passers-by before the deed has done.

I loved the car, but frankly - it was a sheet-metal damage magnet.

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