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boseman13 02-19-2013 07:24 PM

04 Vue is making weird noises that I can't figure out
My Vue V6 AWD is making 3 weird noises. I brought it to a local garage to pinpoint the location and was unsuccessful. I am hoping someone on here can help me out.

1st problem:

When I go to start the vehicle. I turn the key and it cranks like it should. As the starting cycle is almost complete, there is a abnormal rubbing/grinding noise. Sounds like it could be the starter, but I thought starter problems are experienced as you start to turn the key in the ignition?

2nd problem:

When I am braking, there is a noticeable rubbing noise that occurs. I checked and it is not low brake pad level. The is sensitive to braking pressure. So it is frequent and infrequent, depending how hard I push the pedal. Also when I go over a pothole or bump in road this same rubbing noise occurs.

3rd problem:

All the time when I am driving, there seems to be this noice that I describe as sounding like a "cricket". It is coming from the back and is really annoying. I first thought I fixed it when thought the inner lift gate panel was loose and pushed it back in. The mechanic thought it was a bad universal joint. They put grease in it, but it continues to occur.

Has anyone experienced any of these problems? Any help would be much appreciated:)


far2grumpy 02-19-2013 11:36 PM

Re: 04 Vue is making weird noises that I can't figure out
How many miles?

1st problem ... has engine started when you hear grinding? Could be the Bendix gear is slow to back away from flywheel/starter ring. You could pop the starter off and try adding a touch of lube to armature shaft.

2nd problem ... can you pinpoint to either side? Do you hear noise if you try sharp (unbraked) turns in either direction? Elevate front tires and pull top and push bottom to check for any movement (bearing or incorrect axle-nut torque).

3rd problem ... can you duplicate the cricket by vigorous bouncing of rear end while parked? Sort of need to know if its internal (collapsible grocery rack or loose jack) or something to do with running gear or suspension.

pdough 03-14-2013 10:09 PM

Re: 04 Vue is making weird noises that I can't figure out
I can't help with the first two items...

I can almost guarantee the third noise is the lift gate plastic covering just from the cricket explanation. I've tried all the posted fixes and am sure its the liftgate plastic covering rubbing on the metal liftgate. The only thing I haven't tried is removing it completely to see if it goes away. I've tried greasing the connection points, greasing the rubber gasket, duct tape padding the joints, duct tapping the areas in question, pulling and reseating.... Still have the crickets in my Vue.

I live in peace and harmony with them now. They remind me of camping. They remind me of better times... They remind me I am driving a car with its own quirks that I love. If you find a solution, please do not tell me said solution. I have learned to miss the crickets when I drive any other car...

Sorry none of the above helps you on your quest for silence!

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