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Soothie 06-05-2019 12:58 AM

2005 Saturn Relay. Dash/cluster panel not working.
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I need help. My engine blew last year on my 2005 Saturn relay. Well, we just got it back on the road with a remanufactured engine. New battery, starter, alternator, power steering, the works basically.

Only issues is... the gauges are not working. I can't see the odometer either. The back lights are on as is the check engine light. When scanning (friend has one of those stupidly expensive scanners with tablet and everything) the only thing that pops up is my exhaust.
It cannot even find the cluster panel.

I am going absolutely insane. I cannot see how much gas I have, I cannot see my temp ( I freak out about that as I blew a head gasket on my bravada recently), I cannot see my speed, how many miles I have etc. Please help!

fdryer 06-05-2019 12:00 PM

Re: 2005 Saturn Relay. Dash/cluster panel not working.
Not a Relay owner or expert but two things come to mind.

1- Are there any blown fuses? Your Relay may have more than one fuse panel so check them for blown fuses. It's possible during make repairs to blow a fuse or two.

2- If this engine change was recent, were gauges working after repairs the went dark? Maybe some connections were left loose. Perhaps the repair shop did this and may know how to correct it.

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