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Kaspar7 10-05-2017 08:11 PM

99 SW1 - Possibly useful info
I somehow lost the bolt that holds the fan to the radiator - despite putting it into a magnetic parts dish as soon as I took it out! Couldn't find anything to fit; the last one I had like that(old and brown, from the misc. fasteners box), I put into that same place when I replaced the radiator 2 days ago. Apparently, that bolt was missing when I bought the car 2 months ago.

Today, I was replacing the fan motor (which was working before I replaced the radiator - go figure). Luckily, there was one of the blind-nut clips left from the radiator package. Took that to Home Depot (parts stores were already closed) and matched a bolt to the threaded clip.

It turned out to be 6.0mm x 1.0 x 20mm long. You might need to know that someday.:)

bumpdraft 10-06-2017 02:51 PM

Re: 99 SW1 - Possibly useful info
:yes: I wrote it in the FSM next to the correct drawing on Page 302, [I]Cooling System[/I].
...although, I can tell you that, as you are reading this, that particular bolt on my SC2 is comfortably slathered in energy suspensions assembly paste mixed with anti:sneeze:seize.

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