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yerds41 11-27-2010 05:52 PM

Saturn -short- story, need ideas
Saturn, a -short- story
written by one
Saturn SL1 circa 1997

chapter 1, history -
ignition cylinder stopped turning so i trashed it, then disconnected the ignition switch from the lock casing and used a screwdriver to start my car for about a year, one day i started it then a small cloud of smoke poofed from an area around my the wiring under my steering wheal. now the car will not start or get accessory power or any kind.

chapter 2, my word around-
the ignition switch was replaced and the car started sometimes, and sometimes i would get no power at all. i noticed a wire leading from the ignition switch plug (it was black) had no wrapping (insulation?) around it and was exposed - in my research and symptoms i beileve it was the radio/stereo ground wire. a good guess would be that that is where the smoke came from earlier that i had mentioned. then one day the vehicle just stopped showing signs of power.

chapter 3, need help-
assuming that the fuses, the ignition switch, and the battery have all been tested and working, and that the wiring is the problem, without replacing the entire wiring (harness?), is there a way to just remove a single wire (easily), or bypass the ignition switch wiring altogether (using a remote starter kit?)

need help (note) - in my ignorance of anything electrical and car mechanical i have tried to follow the aforementioned bare wiring removing it from the system but ran into issues following it through to the firewall (boot? - near the steering wheel side.) i tried locating the wire that shorted from the engine side but there seems to be half a dozen black wires identical - how do i identify which one is which!? -(the wire that shorted out is not needed for ignition as i have started the car with the wire clipped.)

Epilogue, questions wrap up-
1)how do i remove the wire that is shorting my system as there are identical colored wires - engine side.
2)Is there a way to bypass (hot wire or remote start) the shorting ignition wires?

almost the same problem as this guy

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