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Skotter 07-26-2000 04:12 PM

Head Curtain Airbags - QED
The Santa Rosa dealer faxed me the information that Saturn is distributing to its dealers regarding the new 2001 series cars. I'll attempt to retype it here verbatim, but I apologize in advance for any typos:

<b>HEAD CURTAIN AIRBAGS will NOT be available at the Start of Regular Production for the 2001 model Year S SERIES cars. Head Curtain Airbags are "scheduled" to be introduced (ramp up plan) during September production on the S SERIES.

At this time Head Curtain Airbag (option code ASF) production is scheduled to begin the week of September 11, 2000 for the S SERIES products. A ramp up schedule has been established.

120 vehicles will be produced the week of 9/11/00 with ASF.

360 vehicles will be produced the week of 9/18/00 with ASF.

800 vehicles will be produced the week of 9/25/00 with ASF.

FREE FLOW Market Demand the week of 10/2/00 for ASF.

We will set up our system allowing each Marketing Area to change ONE order to include "Head Curtain Airbags (ASF)" until the maximum production level of 120 has been reached for the Target Production Week (TPW) of 9/11/00. TWO orders can be changed to include ASF until the maximum production level of 360 has been reached for the TPW of 9/18/00. THREE orders can be changed to include ASF until the maximum production level of 800 has been reached for the TPW of 9/25/00. ALL orders with a TPW of 10/2/00 can be changed to include ASF (FREE FLOW option.

HEAD CURTAIN AIRBAGS are "scheduled" to be available at the Start of Regular Production for the 2001 Model Year L SERIES cars. The following Head Curtain Airbag ramp up plan has been established:

Week of 7/31/00 - up to 10% of production

Week of 8/07/00 - up to 20% of production

Week of 8/14/00 - up to 40% of production

Week of 8/21/00 - Market Demand (Free Flow)

PLEASE NOTE: NO S SERIES or L SERIES orders have been generated with HEAD CURTAIN AIRBAGS (ASF). Retail facilities should add this new option to orders at their discretion.

- At this time retail facilities CANNOT add ASF to the S SERIES order because we have only generated orders for production through the week of 8/21/00. Again, Head Curtain Airbags are not scheduled to be introduced on the S SERIES product until the week of 9/11/00.

- Retail facilities should be able to add Head Curtain Airbags (ASF) to 2001 MY, L SERIES orders because we have generated orders for the production of weeks of 7/31/00, 8/7/00, 8/14/00, and 8/21/00.

GoKyu L300 07-26-2000 04:33 PM


Awesome news, thanks :)

Looks like I can get my 2001 L-200, and have the ASF option added at the retailer :)


Spork 07-26-2000 05:21 PM

They are not adding airbags to LS's at dealers, only to the orders for the cars. They are saying if you have an order for a 2001 in, be sure to update the side airbag option on that order.

BobL 07-27-2000 07:52 AM

Don't even think of getting safety equipment like that added to an existing car.

The dealers absolutely will not install this type of item. If they were to do so, you wouldn't want to hear the cost of buying the parts individually and the labor involved in installing them.

If the system is a requirement for you (and having lived in New Orleans can understand why you may need it), do wait until it can be ordered for you.

GoKyu L300 07-27-2000 08:43 AM

I just read the new headline on the Saturnalia front page about the side head impact bags...Yeah, when I order my new L-200, I'll just tell them to have it installed at the factory....


saturncanuck 07-27-2000 12:11 PM


Side curtain?? Why, if it is such a great safety advance, isn't it standard? This is just more of the ABS issue I raised with my thread (q.v.).

Skotter 07-27-2000 03:36 PM

Well, I think all the arguements regarding the issue of standard vs. non-standard safety issues have been discussed in the other thread.

I know that personally, I like options. It bugs me already that I won't be able to turn off the daylight running lamps: I may never turn it off, but I would like to have the option.

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