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atldad 08-23-2009 08:44 AM

2002 L100 rear brake noise - drum recommendation?
After going to one national brake and muffer store with the "golden" touch to have a rear brake overhaul and having 6 months of right rear brake squealing after a brake job, countless returns to fix, then being sent to another store with better mechanics, I still cannot get rid of the squeal.

The second store just regreased the parts and the squeal stops for a few days.

The Saturn dealer mechanic who looked at it said to take it back to the place that did it and have them fix it.

I did that again and still not right.

I removed the drums myself last weekend, rechecked the springs and got the frequency of the squealling reduced.

It looks like they overturned the drum on the right rear is my best guess.

Drums are not that expensive online - I see Bendix, PBR and Centric advertised.

Anyone got a recommendation? Looks like I will be doing it myself since competent work is hard to find and the closest dealer is 40 minutes away and pricey.
Thanks ya'll.

SaturnTech122 08-26-2009 04:56 PM

Re: 2002 L100 rear brake noise - drum recommendation?
make sure the backing plates are generously greased at the three contact points on the shoe, also the edges of the shoe that are sharp tend to make noise, sanding them with 40 grit untill there is no harsh edge

mnementh 09-03-2009 02:04 AM

Re: 2002 L100 rear brake noise - drum recommendation?
Also inspect where they turned the drum to be sure they cut all the way down to the gullet inside the drum; I had one shop ruined a pair of drums by turning them down "only to the end of the shiny part" - EXACT QUOTE!

Then, the edges of the shoes would drag, lifting the shoes off the backing plate & causing a howling noise which could not be resolved without replacing the drums. They suggested I should "grind the edges of the shoes to clear"; I demanded to talk to the Manager & resolved it my own way...

Baby needs NEW SHOES... & DRUMS... & Calipers... & wheel cylinders... EEEEP! When will it STOP? When you replace all those worn out parts, doofus...

born again 09-06-2009 09:39 PM

Re: 2002 L100 rear brake noise - drum recommendation?
It would be better to use new drums than to re-machine the old ones for the reasons stated above. I used CarQuest drums, which are OK but lack the hole for the retaining screw. When you put the wheels on the drum turns with the wheel, making it difficult to align the holes to insert the wheel bolts.
Dealer drums were very expensive (2X+). I returned them without installing them.

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