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Toolbox 10-15-2018 01:10 PM

evacuate a/c system
I am retiring a 2002 Saturn sl2 DOHC with 340000 miles original engine. In the rust belt, it needs new tires, suspension system, muffler system, rusting on the frame. The engine is still running ok, but not going to take the chance of making these repairs with a high mileage engine failing before it needs to be replaced. This 02 has been a great reliable car but it has lived its life.

I want to take out the a/c compressor and condenser that is new and put it into a 2001 SC1 SOHC that has a failed A/C compressor, and condenser. I installed the new a/c equipment and recharged it myself with the proper tools on the 02 and has been working perfectly for two years. My question is, is swapping the parts from the 02 into the 01 the same as if installing new compressor and condenser?

BV22 10-15-2018 03:44 PM

Re: evacuate a/c system
Basically, yes. Any time an a/c system is opened, it must be evacuated once the repairs are complete. The only question is how much oil to add. This depends on the nature of the failure of the compressor and condenser you are removing. A catastrophic failure will allow some oil discharge, while a slow leak typically does not. Total system capacity for oil is around 5 oz., so either way, you won't add much. If one of the components you are removing is ruptured, I'd recommend adding about 1.5-2 oz of PAG oil while you have the system open.

fdryer 10-15-2018 05:21 PM

Re: evacuate a/c system
In one word, yes. A swap from old to almost new parts might be just as you imagined without worrying about oil replenishment. Whether you have a repair shop reclaim refrigerant or other method, compressor, condenser coil and condenser coil receiver drier may be all you need plus new seals to make the transplant work. If you are concerned about oil amounts, drain the faulty compressor of oil and compare amounts drained from the good one. Use the amount from the old one as the basis for oil replenishment drained from the new compressor. Refrain from over oiling. Having two years of trouble free ac use reveals your capability of following attention to details when repairing vehicle ac systems.

Packard 10-15-2018 06:56 PM

Re: evacuate a/c system
AUTOZONE in my area has the vacuum and the manifold gauges to evacuate and replenish the a/c system.

yOU WILL NEED THESE ITEMS either as rental or buy them or have shop do it.

vacuum pump needed to suck out everything image below for ref

Cheapest option is rental from autoparts store pay them the deposit put reciept in glove box .

I bought my pump so i recommend this oil as it has the highest reviews and rating but any pump oil should be fine but if own the pump you will want to find a good brand .

Job is simple the pump need hydrualic pump oil sold at autoparts stores . I get mine from oriely here has it

after you get everything above

take pump plug yellow to middle port on gauge and other side to pump

red line to red side of gauge and hi side of car will be large hole port going to compressor

blue line to blue side of guage and low side on vehicle smaller port close to compresor

Make sure pump has ample oil in the sight glass . Dont overfill

if oil in pump is fine you can proceed by toggle the on switch

make sure both gauges are open to allow pump to evacuate the hi and low ports.

Wait 30 mins or when gauges read 0

You are done you can now remove your components from donor vehicle.

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